WF&M Conversations: Talking rate setting, rate maintenance and communication with Waterworth’s JP Joly

While water and wastewater utilities are frequently tasked with a meeting multitude of operational standards, they also regularly tackle financial challenges that can have enormous economic ramifications to the public. With this in mind, how often should utilities look to raise rates? Can annual rate maintenance be done in a more efficient manner? And what about the importance of communication among stakeholders when it comes to setting affordable rates and taking a long-term approach to budgeting and financial planning?


PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Xylem’s BLU-X Optimizes Collection, Treatment at Dramatically Lower Cost

BLU-X, Xylem’s innovative Intelligent Urban Watershed platform, helps utilities improve sewer system and treatment plant performance and capacity utilization, meeting environmental goals while saving substantially on operating, energy and maintenance costs.


WATCH: George Hawkins, Andy Kricun and Greg Baird join WF&M to talk pandemic, water outlook

Water Finance & Management recently talked with George Hawkins, founder of Moonshot Missions, Andy Kricun, managing director at Moonshot Missions and Greg Baird, frequent contributor to WF&M and president of the Water Finance Research Foundation. The discussion largely focused on the financial and operational outlook for the water/wastewater sector amid the coronavirus pandemic.


WATCH: WF&M contributor Greg Baird chats with editor Andrew Farr about COVID-19

Greg Baird is president of the Water Finance Research Foundation and a frequent contributor to WF&M. As a management consultant, he specializes in long-term utility planning, water infrastructure asset management and capital funding strategies for municipal utilities in the United States. He has served as a municipal finance officer in California and as the CFO of Colorado’s third-largest utility.


WF&M Conversations: 2TurnItOn’s Craig Boklage on water utility connection services

In a new edition of Water Finance & Management Conversations, Managing Editor Andrew Farr is joined by Craig Boklage, Vice President of Operations, Strategy & Business Development at 2TurnItOn, a McKinney, Texas-based utility connection service. We cover the customer service challenges that cities and municipal utility districts can face and how 2TurnItOn is working to improve order management for enrolling new customers and completing new connections.