WATCH: Saving the Ratepayer Money…With Optimization

Shaun Thompson, Strategic Account Manager-Water/Wastewater at Badger Meter, joins us for a new episode of Water Finance & Management Conversations. We talk to Thompson about his previous position working on the utility side in wastewater treatment. He also walks us through some ways operators are applying water quality instrumentation to optimize treatment processes, thus saving ratepayers money by reducing chemical and labor costs. He also explains the relationship between flow, water quality and pressure data that can help operators deliver efficient service.

WATCH: Breaking Down Silos in Water Distribution

A distribution system can be anywhere from a single square mile to several hundred square miles. What happens to the water as it travels though the distribution system and how that information gets to decision makers is critical. As our guest Joe DeVito, senior manager of utility solutions with Badger Meter points out on the latest WF&M Conversations, solutions for monitoring water use, pressure, quality and temperature must be aimed at breaking down silos and delivering better service to customers.  We also chat with DeVito about cellular communication for utility networks, and he shares his perspective on the recent trends and drivers in utility management.

WATCH: Mueller’s Dave Johnston on Lead Service Line Locating, LCRR Compliance

In the latest edition of Water Finance & Management Conversations, Dave Johnston, director of smart infrastructure at Mueller, joins us for a discussion on compliance with the U.S. EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) The LCRR requires water utilities of all sizes to develop inventories of lead pipe materials in their service areas and to share that information with their communities. The rule also requires utilities to develop plans to remove all lead service lines over time. The deadline for compliance is Oct. 16 2024.

WATCH: Why the water sector is calling for lead service line replacement over rehab

As part of the virtual 2022 Water Asset Management Conference, WF&M hosted a panel discussion on lead service line rehabilitation, analyzing the requirements under the revised Lead and Copper Rule (LCRR) and the biggest challenges for utilities. Is replacement the only option? Who is responsible for addressing lead lines on private property? What authority do states have in how they address lead service lines?

Why Digital Twin & Why Now? Bentley’s Shar Govindan Chats with WF&M

We know that a digital twin is a realistic and dynamic virtual representation of a physical asset, process or system created by integrating existing models and data. But what makes it unique among many of the software offerings available to water systems? What are some of the operational pain points utilities are trying to address with digital twin, and how can it help enhance resilience and sustainability right now?

In this edition of WF&M Conversations, Bentley Systems‘ Director of Water Solutions Shar Govindan answers these questions and explains how utilities should navigate their digital journey.

How Lead-Free Manufacturing Improves Sustainability with Mueller’s Graham Hines

In this edition of WF&M Conversations, we talk with Mueller’s Graham Hines, Plant Manager at the company’s lead-free brass foundry in Decatur, Illinois. To eliminate exposure to lead and help ensure the sustainability throughout the lifecycle of its products, Mueller is eliminating lead-based products and incorporating a silicone-based alloy that is more easily recyclable and easier to produce. Hines walks us through what it means for Mueller’s employees, its products and its utility customers downstream.

Water Finance & Management Conversation with JP Jolly

Staying in Control: Waterworth’s JP Joly on Forecasting Revenue, Rates

Can’t predict the future when it comes to capital planning? Instead, control the future with continuous rate management. On this edition of WF&M Conversations, JP Joly, founder of Waterworth, joins Water Finance & Management managing editor Andrew Farr to discuss to the advantages of water system revenue and rate forecasting, and how it can help utilities build on existing rate studies and plan long-term. We also touch on the importance of maintaining customer affordability amid rising utility costs.

Cecilia Correia

WATCH: The Cost-Saving Benefits of Digital Twin: Bentley’s Cecilia Correia joins WF&M Conversations

On this edition of Water Finance & Management Conversations, we’re joined by Cecilia Correia, Senior Water Solutions Manager with Bentley Systems, based in Lisbon, Portugal. Cecilia explains some of the differences and similarities in U.S. water utility market versus in Europe, and how utilities are evaluating and adopting digital technology to combat water loss and other familiar challenges.

Paul MurrayWATCH: Mueller’s Paul Murray joins WF&M Conversations to talk leak monitoring

Even the smallest leak in a distribution system can cause the loss of thousands of gallons of water each month. To find and address leaks quickly and efficiently, utilities are now turning to innovative leak detection technology to enhance monitoring and early detection efforts.

Gregg Herrin

WATCH: WF&M Conversations: Bentley Systems’ Gregg Herrin on what is driving utilities’ digital needs

In this edition of Water Finance & Management Conversations, sponsored by Bentley Systems, WF&M Journal’s Andrew Farr interviews Gregg Herrin, vice president of water infrastructure at Bentley Systems. Herrin shares his insights about what is driving digital technology adoption in the U.S. water utility sector, how utilities should evaluate new software, and his short-term outlook for investment in these systems.

WATCH: WF&M Conversations: Capital Planning Pain Points with Waterworth Founder JP Joly

In our first edition of Water Finance & Management Conversations for 2022, we welcome back JP Joly, founder of Waterworth, a cloud-based platform that enables water and wastewater utilities to optimize their water rates and save for infrastructure upgrades. Joly has more than 15 years of experience working with water suppliers and local governments on asset management, long-term financial planning and utility rate setting.

WATCH: How Technology and A.I. are Fueling the Role of Water Utilities in Creating Smart Cities

In this new edition of Water Finance & Management Conversations, Kenji Takeuchi, senior vice president of technology solutions, joins WF&M to discuss aging infrastructure, the advancement of machine learning technology and the role of water systems in creating smart cities.

WATCH: Xylem’s Colin Sabol says digital transformation in the water sector is only accelerating

Colin Sabol, president of Xylem‘s Measurement and Control Solutions business, says the digital technology transformation in the water utility industry is accelerating and that investment in the sector could continue to increase in the short term. Sabol joined Water Finance & Management in an exclusive interview recently to discuss the outlook for water utilities as digital solutions like advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and remote monitoring continue to be embraced by water systems.

WF&M Conversations: Talking rate setting, rate maintenance and communication with Waterworth’s JP Joly

While water and wastewater utilities are frequently tasked with a meeting multitude of operational standards, they also regularly tackle financial challenges that can have enormous economic ramifications to the public. With this in mind, how often should utilities look to raise rates? Can annual rate maintenance be done in a more efficient manner? And what about the importance of communication among stakeholders when it comes to setting affordable rates and taking a long-term approach to budgeting and financial planning?

WF&M Conversations: 2TurnItOn’s Craig Boklage on water utility connection services

In a new edition of Water Finance & Management Conversations, Managing Editor Andrew Farr is joined by Craig Boklage, Vice President of Operations, Strategy & Business Development at 2TurnItOn, a McKinney, Texas-based utility connection service. We cover the customer service challenges that cities and municipal utility districts can face and how 2TurnItOn is working to improve order management for enrolling new customers and completing new connections.

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Xylem’s BLU-X Optimizes Collection, Treatment at Dramatically Lower Cost

BLU-X, Xylem’s innovative Intelligent Urban Watershed platform, helps utilities improve sewer system and treatment plant performance and capacity utilization, meeting environmental goals while saving substantially on operating, energy and maintenance costs.

WATCH: George Hawkins, Andy Kricun and Greg Baird join WF&M to talk pandemic, water outlook

Water Finance & Management recently talked with George Hawkins, founder of Moonshot Missions, Andy Kricun, managing director at Moonshot Missions and Greg Baird, frequent contributor to WF&M and president of the Water Finance Research Foundation. The discussion largely focused on the financial and operational outlook for the water/wastewater sector amid the coronavirus pandemic.

WATCH: WF&M contributor Greg Baird chats with editor Andrew Farr about COVID-19 and water

Greg Baird is president of the Water Finance Research Foundation and a frequent contributor to WF&M. As a management consultant, he specializes in long-term utility planning, water infrastructure asset management and capital funding strategies for municipal utilities in the United States. He has served as a municipal finance officer in California and as the CFO of Colorado’s third-largest utility.