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Report: 2022 State of Public Sourcing

Public procurement teams are busier in 2022 — especially in the utilities sector which saw a 13% increase in project volume. This report takes a deep dive into the state of public sector procurement and what teams are doing to manage an influx of new funding and new or worsening resource constraints. Read this report to learn new tools, strategies, and other actionable insights you can apply in your own agency to tackle challenges and move into 2023 with confidence.

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Bonfire State of Public Sourcing

How to Fund Your Capital Projects

Capital projects are a vital part of any community’s infrastructure plan, yet face significant difficult and delays when trying to get the project off the ground. Between the high-planning effort required, antiquated tools, lots of moving parts and departments, and difficulty communicating, capital projects can be frustrating to work on. There are solutions to these challenges, though, and with the right visually driven financial modelling tool these problems can become obsolete. Read our white paper to learn about how your community can beat the status quo, and fund your capital projects with ease.

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Waterworth white paper

Special Reports

The Network of a Lifetime: Deploy Your Smart Utility Network for Daily Operations & Future Threats

Several critical initiatives are facing the U.S. water utility sector including pipe repair and replacement, funding, long-term water supply, workforce issues, cybersecurity and emergency planning. It’s a mix of challenges affecting both daily operations and future threats more indicative of the modern era. They will require strategic planning, funding and technology. Partnering with Sensus, a Xylem brand, we take a look at the role of smart utility networks in this endeavor for utilities. Download the complimentary eBook today and learn how to implement and expand your Network of a Lifetime.

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Sensus Special Report: The Network of a Lifetime

In Focus: Water Systems & The Digital Evolution

Incorporating new technology into water and wastewater utility operations is nothing new. Like any other industry, it’s an endless progression. Experts often note that the slow pace of water utilities to adopt new processes and systems is common given the risk involved and a water utility’s responsibility to public health and the environment. But now, utilities are taking a systemwide approach to their water management strategy, implementing asset management plans that result in more effective asset performance, cutting costs and being proactive about future capital planning. Digital technology has a significant role to play. Read more in this exclusive eBook from Water Finance & Management and Bentley Systems. 

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Water Systems and the Digital Evolution

Special Report: Water Management Meets Digitalization

This compilation of articles, brought to you by WF&M, Bentley Systems and Mueller, highlight digital water technology invest­ment, the benefits to public utility systems and some related issues affecting digital tech implementation today. If you’re a regular reader of Water Finance & Management, you may know we talk a lot about how utility managers and finance pro­fessionals for both drinking water and clean water systems can improve their strategic decision making. 

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Water Management Meets Digitalization

Smart Water Meets Finance

If you work in the water utility industry, you may have noticed technology has been a major theme in recent years, particularly in metering and water distribution management. The sector is experiencing a new wave of digital technology that incorporates new decision-making tools that are helping to transform the business of utility management.

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Smart Water Meets Finance

Special Report: Driving Smarter Decisions with Your Water Data

In this special report from Water Finance & Management and data management solutions provider OSIsoft, now part of AVEVA, we bring you some perspective on how the U.S. water utility sector has evolved – and continues to evolve – in its use and management of data. Download for free today! Enjoy!

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Driving Smarter Decisions with Your Water Data

eBook: Water Distribution Reimagined

If you work in the water industry, you will likely know that technology has been a major theme in recent years, particularly on the water distribution side. There are magazine articles, webinars and presentations at conferences all focused around digital technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. Network communication and real time data about a water utility’s distribution system are no doubt transforming the field. Technologies are also becoming more affordable, and therefore more adoptable, for cash-strapped and notoriously risk-averse water utilities

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Water Distribution Reimagined

eBook: Best Value Procurement for the Modern Water Utility

Public water and wastewater utilities in the United States face a number of challenges on a regular basis. One that is often underreported is procurement and supply management. For water utilities, this refers to the process by which the organization acquires products, supplies, new technologies, equipment, materials and other waterworks vendor goods to be used on projects.

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Bonfire Playbook