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The value of digital transformation in water at JEA

JEA’s Water and wastewater operations have embraced and leveraged digital technologies from by creating a data strategy, using the real-time data to drive smarter decisions to reduce opex and capex, increase asset life, meet environmental compliance, all while reducing risk.

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OSI Soft Digital Transformation in Water

A Deluge of Big Data – The Connected Water Utility

Water industry professionals are experiencing a data deluge. There’s a lot of data out there, gathered from sensors monitoring everything from water quality to pipe bursts — but altogether, it’s too much data divided among too many silos to make sense of what it all means.

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A Deluge of Big Data Whitepaper


Special Report: Driving Smarter Decisions with Your Water Data

In this special report from Water Finance & Management and data management solutions provider OSIsoft, now part of AVEVA, we bring you some perspective on how the U.S. water utility sector has evolved – and continues to evolve – in its use and management of data. Download for free today! Enjoy!

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Driving Smarter Decisions with Your Water Data

eBook: Water Distribution Reimagined

If you work in the water industry, you will likely know that technology has been a major theme in recent years, particularly on the water distribution side. There are magazine articles, webinars and presentations at conferences all focused around digital technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. Network communication and real time data about a water utility’s distribution system are no doubt transforming the field. Technologies are also becoming more affordable, and therefore more adoptable, for cash-strapped and notoriously risk-averse water utilities

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Water Distribution Reimagined

eBook: Best Value Procurement for the Modern Water Utility

Public water and wastewater utilities in the United States face a number of challenges on a regular basis. One that is often underreported is procurement and supply management. For water utilities, this refers to the process by which the organization acquires products, supplies, new technologies, equipment, materials and other waterworks vendor goods to be used on projects.

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Bonfire Playbook