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Going Beyond AMI: Insights into customer success with a smart utility network


Wed, Mar 27, 2019 2:00 PM EDT

In this webinar, we will share three customer stories which showcase how their use of the FlexNet Smart Utility Network is used to reduce water loss, improve customer service, capture revenue, reduce risk, optimize assets, and ensure sustainability. We will review the evolution of AMI and differentiate how the smart utility network allows three customers to actively monitor and dynamically optimize their networks.

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Archived Webinars

Implementing Remote Disconnect in a Water Utility

Remote disconnect/reconnect metering technology has been available in the water industry for over five years.  During this time, water utilities across the country have embraced the new ability to remotely manage water service.  The ability to remotely manage service through AMI allows utilities to improve customer service throughout their customer base.

Pace Water System, located in Pace Florida, implemented remote disconnect technology beginning in 2016.  In the past two years Pace has installed 160 RDM meters with plans for an additional 1,000 in the near future.  During this time, Pace has found instant, and measurable value from the system.  During this presentation, Randy Hunsucker and Damon Boutwell of Pace will explain how they have implemented new business processes and found benefits to the system not previously expected.


  • Randy Hunsucker – AMI Specialist – Pace, FL Water System
  • Damon Boutwell – General Manager – Pace, FL Water System
  • Thomas Butler – Director of Business Development – Mueller Water Products

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Using the Life Cycle Cost Calculator for Sewer Project Evaluations

EONE sewer systemsHow much does a sewer system cost? What are the life cycle costs of a sewer system? This webinar provides a holistic overview of life cycle cost analysis and the cost comparisons of pressure sewer systems to other central sewer technologies.

When evaluating wastewater collections system options, the true cost of long-term ownership has often been improperly considered. Evaluation tools, such as E/One’s Life Cycle Cost calculator, provide a planning level assessment for the evaluation of long-term life cycle costs between a low pressure sewer system and a conventional gravity sewer.

This must-see webinar will review cost and operational parameters of a project’s needs. Capturing all operational activities and basing costs on actual or historic data ensures a more complete assessment and facilitates the selection of the wastewater collection system with the most favorable life cycle costs.

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Monitoring Across the Smart Water Cycle

sensusA key enabler for smart water and smart cities is for utilities to implement fast, incremental projects that still have a significant impact.  Such smart water projects require less capital and are often funded through the operational savings that they provide the utility.  In addition to saving on operations in the short term, the information gleaned from these projects can be leveraged to justify future capital investment decisions.  Until now, most advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems have been used almost exclusively to collect water consumption data for billing purposes.  Today, however, there is an opportunity to use these networks for variety of other applications and transform the traditional AMI system into a Smart Utility Network (SUN).

Join Sensus and the Park City Water Division for an exploration of how a utility can begin to build a SUN by leveraging existing AMI networks and battery powered devices to get to new data points within the water cycle and transform that data into actionable insight.
Through expertise and experiences shared during this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Learn from case example of Park City, Utah’s pressure monitoring applications
  • Understand the application possibilities to capture relevant data across the water cycle
  • Identify potential incremental, fast projects that would enable smart water initiatives for your utility
  • Use available technologies to support smarter monitoring

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Prioritizing Aging Infrastructure Replacement

Bentley SystemsRestoring existing water systems as they reach the end of their useful lives and expanding them to serve a growing population will cost at least USD 1 trillion over the next 25 years. (Source: American Water Works Association)

In this webinar, HDR and Bentley will discuss prioritizing aging infrastructure replacement:

  • HDR’s Sasa Tomic will discuss the needs for ageing infrastructure management by reviewing the current industry main-break failure and pipe replacement trends. His presentation will introduce the assessment of pipe risk of failure as the way to prioritize aging infrastructure replacement.  Dr. Tomic will discuss how hydraulic models can be used to define pipe criticality of failure and evaluate the water system resiliency.
  • Bentley’s Tom Walski will conclude showing how hydraulic modeling technology helps prioritize pipe renewals. He will discuss how criticality analysis results can be combined with another hydraulic modeling capability to help support decision making on the replacement and rehabilitation of distribution network pipes. He will also discuss the importance of isolation valves in minimizing the impact of pipe failures.

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Determine Your Non-Revenue Water Journey

sensusNon-revenue water is a multi-faceted issue that entails a variety of apparent and real loss categories.  There are many technology solutions and approaches available to improve your water utility’s non-revenue water position.

Join Sensus and Albuquerque Water Utility Authority for an exploration of the comprehensive strategy supporting which technologies to consider for the appropriate category of non-revenue water.  Additionally, the webinar will discuss where and when these technology solutions may provide the best economic payback for a utility.

Solutions covered include the low-hanging fruit to recover revenue by improving account management practices through meter accuracy assurance. For those further along in their journey, more advanced approaches to reduce real losses such as pressure management applications will also be discussed.

Through expertise and experiences shared during this webinar, you will be enabled to:

  • Learn from case example of a utility’s non-revenue water journey
  • Prioritize your apparent and real loss reduction objectives
  • Align the right approach to address your objectives and targets
  • Leverage available technologies to support your non-revenue water strategies

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Water Asset Management Conference Online May Series

water asset management conferenceThis 2018 Water Asset Management Conference will be hosted entirely in an online format, allowing attendees the flexibility to log in to view single presentations or multiple, all without leaving the office. The best part? Registration is FREE for all attendees! This online series is geared toward executive-level decision makers of water, wastewater and stormwater utilities – CEOs, CFOs, directors, general managers, superintendents and asset management professionals – as well as engineers and consultants.

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The Many Uses for Remote Shutoff Applications

sensusWith pressure to run more efficiently, water utility managers must find ways to save time and money, while continuing to provide excellent customer service. Many utilities currently have manual processes in place for executing service turn-on/shutoff events. An example of such process entails the utility billing staff and customer service representatives completing account analyses and processing paperwork before a work order gets transmitted to a field technician.  Then the technician has to drive to each location to manually shut off the water.  The process repeats itself to turn the service back on.

Through expertise and experiences shared during this webinar, you will be enabled to:

  • Learn from case examples of other utilities leveraging remote shutoff applications
  • Understand how remote shutoff applications impact utility distribution crews, billing and customer service staff and customers
  • Determine your utility’s use cases including non-payment, system maintenance, public protection and more
  • Use available technologies to support remote shutoff processes

Speaker: Travis Smith, Director of Smart Water, Sensus, a Xylem brand

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Smart Water Infrastructure in Action

Aging water infrastructure has become a reality for many utilities, bringing additional challenges to those already facing water loss issues, scarce funding and an aging workforce. Smart utilities manage their assets and streamline processes through the use of automated devices that enable the collection of data, cloud-based analysis and network control. This smart technology approach enables them to take intelligent action that can reduce costs and ultimately deliver the best services to their customers

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