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Now more than ever, the deployment of effective asset management is a cornerstone issue for local communities against the background of aging infrastructure and increased pressure on water resources. To address this challenge, SUEZ is pleased to launch our all-new offering–AssetAdvanced™. AssetAdvanced is the product of SUEZ’s longstanding expertise in water and wastewater networks and plant management. By deploying this decision-support platform, water and wastewater operators and managers can expand their knowledge of current assets, reduce risks and emergency expenditures from infrastructure failures, and make informed decisions on future investments. The webinar will detail real world investment efficiencies and insights provided by AssetAdvanced.

The Asset Advanced™ process

  • Connect available asset data into an integrated analysis, simulation, and visualization platform.
  • Predict the evolution of asset degradation using to multiple models and techniques.
  • Determine consequence of failure considering financial, social, and environmental consequences.
  • Evaluate the hydraulic impacts within the system.
  • Implement a multi-purpose and multi-criteria scenarios modeling based on the current and future state of assets and their impacts.
  • Deploy inspection and replacement plans to meet the utility’s priorities.

AssetAdvanced aims to help assets last longer while reducing environmental impact and ensuring continuity and service quality for users for the lowest cost.

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Increase the Return on Your CCTV Inspection Investment


Time = money. Are you losing valuable investment because you don’t have a comprehensive asset management and risk assessment strategy?

With the latest technology, you can increase your ROI and improve your asset management all in one solution.

Join us to learn how to deliver inspections as efficiently as possible for inspection review and condition assessment, as well as:

  • Organizing financial planning for capital investment
  • Balancing whole lifecycle cost and consequence of failure
  • Improving management of inspection records
  • Improving and delivering a well-thought-out capital maintenance plan

Extend the value of CCTV inspections beyond assessing the condition of your assets and earn better ROI.

Presented by:
Mike Maylone, Principal Product Manager | Autodesk
Tony Andrews, Global Product Manager of Asset Management | Autodesk

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Evaluating the Total Cost of Ownership of a True Smart Utility Network

Without a smart utility network, building a water distribution system that can adapt to ever-changing demands, such as climate shifts, population growth, regulatory changes and unforeseen situations like pandemics can seem overwhelming and expensive.

Utilities can start with advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), but a scalable adaptable system should go beyond just metering. Connection to edge devices, sensors, meters and more can offer additional data, giving you visibility and control across the entire water network, while also improving revenue capture and reducing water loss.

This session will share insights on how to look at the total cost of ownership of a smart water distribution system, showing short-term versus long-term operational and financial impacts to help make the right decisions for your utility.

Presenter: Joseph Rogers, Sr. Manager, Global Water Solutions and Services

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Water Asset Management Conference Online Spring Series

This 2020 Water Asset Management Conference will be hosted entirely in an online format, allowing attendees the flexibility to log in to view single presentations or multiple, all without leaving the office. The best part? Registration is FREE for all attendees! This online series is geared toward executive-level decision makers of water, wastewater and stormwater utilities – CEOs, CFOs, directors, general managers, superintendents and asset management professionals – as well as engineers and consultants.

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