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Beyond Wire Breaks: Pipeline Monitoring to Prevent Failures and Advance Asset Management

Tuesday, June 4th at 2pm EDT

Continuous monitoring prevents dangerous failures and emergency repairs in prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP). Monitoring helps utilities identify which pipes need rehabilitation and provides a long-term view of structural health. With this data, utilities can confidently extend a pipeline’s remaining life at a fraction of replacement cost.

The first acoustic fiber optic monitoring system was installed in a water pipeline in 2005. Nearly two decades later, utilities have valuable lessons to share about adopting this technology, preventing failures, and using monitoring data to cost-effectively manage their transmission mains.

This interactive panel brings together utility leaders from across North America to discuss how they successfully implemented a monitoring program and share insights into how they overcame a wide range of challenges. Join Xylem and our utility partners to learn more about SoundPrint® AFO and how this technology could improve reliability in your water network.

On-Demand Webinars

Maximizing the Financial Value of Advanced Metering Projects

How do you get the most value out of your advanced metering program? In typical deployments, many municipalities view this question as a function of total cost and return on investment for the dollars they’ve paid. After working with hundreds of utilities on deployments of all sizes, we’ve often found that the value equation is much more complex and nuanced than that. There are many items that need to be included when looking at the overall benefit of the deployment – both financial and not. In additional to the upfront cost associated with these projects, many municipalities also don’t take into consideration the downstream costs associated with upgrading their system; the ongoing support and maintenance needed to continue to operate it at a high level.

This presentation will focus on all three aspects; how do you calculate a true ROI for advanced metering upgrade projects, being sure to factor in ongoing support and maintenance, and some practical ways utilities can address both concerns using a metering-as-a-service program.

Strategies for Effective Metallic Pipeline Management: A Tiered Assessment Approach

Condition assessment is an essential part of a pipeline management program that helps utilities make strategic decisions about when and where to take action. Historically, metallic transmission mains and force mains have received less attention than their prestressed concrete counterparts. However, they can be just as critical to a utility network.

Metallic pipelines can benefit from a tiered assessment approach where lower effort, less expensive methods are used to inform maintenance actions or justify further assessment. Utilities can scale up their assessment approach based on risk and the need for additional data to make more confident, longer-term management decisions.

This webinar will provide water and wastewater utility professionals with a guide to evaluating the condition of their metallic pipelines within the framework of an asset management program. The session will highlight three strategic tiers that cater to varying resource capacities and operational priorities.

Metro Vancouver will discuss their full-pipe inspection program and showcase how they successfully conducted a comprehensive assessment of the Sperling Avenue Forcemain. This steel pipeline was considered high risk due to its age, past failures, and location in Burnaby Lake Park — a wildlife sanctuary and birdwatching haven in the heart of Vancouver. Metro Vancouver’s advanced approach quantified the risk of failure, empowered point repairs of two at-risk pipes, and renewed their confidence in the aging forcemain.

Making the Case for Water – How Advocacy and Technologies Can Improve the Public’s Perception of the Value of Water

Utilities often struggle to emphasize the value of water with the public they are serving. Other commodities, such as internet, cell phones and electricity, often top the list of interests and water falls to the wayside. Utilities are tasked with helping the public to understand the value of water against other utilities.

New technologies and solutions offer utilities an opportunity to advocate the value of water. With increasing environmental and human stressors, the pressure is on to portray the importance of water usage and conservation through technologies such as customer portals, leak alerts and water levels. Utilizing these solutions provides an opportunity to showcase how vital the flow of water through your house and city are.

Join us to discuss why water is the most vital resource, how to elevate the visibility of water usage in your utility, and hear how utilities are promoting an increase in conservation and understanding of water to the public.

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