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Digital Twins for Water Utilities: How a Digital Twin Can Make Your Life Better


Too often utilities lack the ability to integrate systems, analyze siloed data, and transform this valuable information into actionable insights. This is where digital twins can help.
Learn how to make fast and accurate decisions that help you achieve your strategic goals – reduce nonrevenue water, improve energy efficiency, reduce service interruptions, and improve customer service.

This webinar will feature a panel discussion that focuses on:

  • How implementing a digital twin improves collaboration between operations and engineering
  • How utilities are leveraging a digital twin to visualize asset performance, simulate and predict outcomes
  • How digital twins can make regulatory compliance and environmental commitments easier to achieve

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A Smart Utility Network to Address a Lifetime of Challenges


Utilities continue to battle workforce shortages, aging infrastructure, water quality, and increasing climate severity. The one thing you want control of is a stable network transmitting vital data about the water in your utility. Learn about a dedicated, two-way communication network that transmits data through a purpose-built solution that provides a lifetime of data and visibility. You’ll discover how customers utilize the network to operate efficiently and create a resilient network.

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Staying Above Water: How to Bring Innovation into Water Management

Tune in to an interactive webinar with former Mayor of Kansas City, Mark Funkhouser, as we discuss how localities can make the best use of infrastructure funding to build smart, safe, and sustainable water systems.

Public water utilities around the country are struggling. Old and leaky pipes and overwhelmed stormwater systems present serious health and environmental hazards to communities. They’re also a drain on strained resources in a time when shrinking local government revenues and staffing constraints have been further exacerbated by the pandemic. While rate increases are needed to catch up with deferred maintenance, they often are not politically viable and put a disproportionate burden on low income residents. What’s more, they fail to resolve the core issues of long-term sustainability, both from a fiscal as well as climate perspective.

But some agencies have found innovative ways to update aging water systems and make them operationally sound through new partnerships, procurement strategies and technologies. This webinar will feature local finance and water utility leaders along with procurement experts for an engaging conversation on how to bring innovation to water management.

Join us to gain insights on:

  • Creative solutions cities have implemented to fix aging water systems and save taxpayer dollars in the long run.
  • Flexible procurement strategies to change the way water infrastructure is built, operated and maintained.
  • Ways to turn federal infrastructure funding into transformative investments for smart and safe water management and sustainable operation of utilities.

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Taking Financial Risk Out of the Metering Equation: How the City of Gonzales Simplified Its Upgrade


The opportunity to streamline the benefits of advanced metering without the complexities of designing your own metering project is a new approach. This session will cover how Metering-as-a-Service (MaaS) is enabling utilities to subscribe to a metering program that delivers all the equipment, meters, software and services to upgrade antiquated infrastructures while simultaneously removing risk by eliminating the need for upfront capital investment. The City of Gonzales will share how they’ve leveraged MaaS to fast track their advanced metering, and utilities will learn how to remove the complexities of advanced metering while offsetting their budget.

This webinar will address how MaaS compares to traditional approaches, identify the different types of projects that are a good fit for the service model (street lighting, building upgrades and more), and how a service model can ensure systems work together to provide embedded support.

Attendees will learn:

  1. How to leverage bonds, government funding and more to mitigate financial risk in relation to advanced metering projects.
  2. How Metering-as-a-Service provides another avenue of funding and reduces the risk of projects that are traditionally high-risk.
  3. How to determine the most financially advantageous path based on different types of projects.

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Boost Your Water Asset Management Using Predictive Analytics

Arcadis Gen

In this webinar, Daniel Scott, Chief Data Scientist at Arcadis Gen, will discuss how to use predictive analytics to understand and mitigate your risk and maximize your outcomes in your capital improvement planning. He’ll go into detail about removing complexity and making data-driven decisions without needing an in-house data scientist or expensive consultancy, as well as using machine learning for more accurate predictions.

Please join us on November 2nd to hear first-hand how Arcadis Gen can help water organizations like yours to improve decision-making, balance customer expectations, and optimize investments.

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The Insider’s Guide to AMI

Badger Meter

Today’s water utilities are under tremendous pressure to balance competing priorities: mitigating risk, capturing lost revenue, reducing cost, optimizing assets and enhancing sustainability, to name a few. When every drop counts more than ever before, it’s clear to see why the municipal water industry has undergone a pivotal transformation to implement advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

In this webinar, Travis Smith of Badger Meter will explain how (AMI) can offer utilities the intelligent measurement, reliable communications and actionable data they need to accomplish their strategic goals and improve customer satisfaction.

You’ll also hear from Trino Pedraza, Director of Public Works & Utilities for the City of Galveston, Texas. He’ll provide a real-world perspective based on his utility’s experience with smart water, from the drivers and selection criteria to the vetting process and benefits realized thus far.

Join us to learn how transitioning to smart water solutions can improve operational efficiency and effectiveness for your utility—no matter the size.

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Water Asset Management Conference Online Spring Series

This 2020 Water Asset Management Conference will be hosted entirely in an online format, allowing attendees the flexibility to log in to view single presentations or multiple, all without leaving the office. The best part? Registration is FREE for all attendees! This online series is geared toward executive-level decision makers of water, wastewater and stormwater utilities – CEOs, CFOs, directors, general managers, superintendents and asset management professionals – as well as engineers and consultants.

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