WF&M Conversations: 2TurnItOn’s Craig Boklage on water utility connection services

Enrolling and connecting to a new utility service can be a hassle for customers. Lisewise, processing a large number of requests can also create a customer service challenge on the back end for cities, municipalities or utilities, both public and investor-owned. But new tools are available that can better help customer service personnel complete data entry for enrolling new customers while reducing time spent on related tasks.

In a new edition of Water Finance & Management Conversations, Managing Editor Andrew Farr is joined by Craig Boklage, Vice President of Operations, Strategy & Business Development at 2TurnItOn, a McKinney, Texas-based utility connection service. We cover the customer service challenges that cities and municipal utility districts can face and how 2TurnItOn is working to improve order management for enrolling new customers and completing new connections.

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2TurnItOn has been providing hundreds of cities, municipalities and IOUs with an order management platform at no cost since 2002. Let us help automate and/or significantly reduce the amount of time CSRs spend processing new water orders! Visit to learn more. Craig Boklage can be reached via email or at 512-689-9926.

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