WATCH: How Technology and A.I. are Fueling the Role of Water Utilities in Creating Smart Cities

In this new edition of Water Finance & Management Conversations, Kenji Takeuchi, senior vice president of technology solutions, joins WF&M to discuss aging infrastructure, the advancement of machine learning technology and the role of water systems in creating smart cities.

We discuss how technology being developed for water utility management today, including tech that incorporates artificial intelligence, differs from what was in the market 5-10 years ago.

“Machine learning is now starting to be able to provide insights to people who look over data, like asset managers, operational managers, field supervisors — everybody can now start getting insights from the automatic and adaptive learning of the data,” he explains.

A member of Mueller’s executive leadership team with global responsibilities for new product development, product and information technologies, Takeuchi also weighs in on Mueller’s Sentryx Water Intelligence, a digital services platform for water utilities to monitor, operate and monetize water distribution networks.

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