PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Xylem’s BLU-X Optimizes Collection, Treatment at Dramatically Lower Cost

BLU-X, Xylem’s innovative Intelligent Urban Watershed platform, helps utilities improve sewer system and treatment plant performance and capacity utilization, meeting environmental goals while saving substantially on operating, energy and maintenance costs.

BLU-X is a Real Time Decision Support System (RT-DSS) that uses a Sense, Predict, Act framework to help utilities optimize operations. Using a combination of sensors and weather data, digital twin technology and optimization algorithms, BLU-X helps utilities drastically reduce sewer overflow (CSO/SSO), detect sewer blockages, minimize flooding events, identify sources of infiltration and inflow, and optimize the treatment process to ensure regulatory compliance while minimizing energy consumption. BLU-X leverages existing infrastructure and integrates directly with existing systems (SCADA, GIS).

Water Finance & Management Managing Editor Andrew Farr recently chatted with Luis Montestruque, Ph.D., Vice President of Digital Solutions at Xylem, about the biggest challenges facing wet weather management in the water sector today. Montestruque founded EmNet in 2004 to focus on the optimization of wastewater networks. In 2017, EmNet joined Xylem to accelerate the development and implementation of smart water applications for utilities around the world. Hear what Montestruque has to say about how BLU-X can support utility operators understand and regulate the operation of wastewater systems, how some utilities have used BLU-X and the role it and other digital solutions can play in enhancing resilience in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic recovery.

Learn more about BLU-X and how Xylem is optimizing intelligent urban water systems.

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