WF&M Conversations: Talking rate setting, rate maintenance and communication with Waterworth’s JP Joly

While water and wastewater utilities are frequently tasked with a meeting multitude of operational standards, they also regularly tackle financial challenges that can have enormous economic ramifications to the public. With this in mind, how often should utilities look to raise rates? Can annual rate maintenance be done in a more efficient manner? And what about the importance of communication among stakeholders when it comes to setting affordable rates and taking a long-term approach to budgeting and financial planning?

Water Finance & Management decided to talk with JP Joly, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Customer Success at Waterworth about these issues and more. Joly has more than 15 years of experience working with water suppliers, building models and providing expertise to local governments on asset management, long-term financial planning and utility rate setting. He also specializes in water conservation planning, drought management and emergency management planning. Check out the full discussion above as Andrew Farr, managing editor of WF&M, interviews JP Joly.

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