Sensus Helps Arizona Utility Improve Operations through AMR

The Farmers? Almanac predicts a colder than normal winter in Arizona, but this year, Pinetop Water employees don?t have to trudge through the snow to inspect meters, wells and tanks. This innovative water utility uses a Sensus smart water network and automation technology to remotely monitor water wells and tanks and read water meters.

?It is cost effective to no longer deal with the daily water site visits,? said Carol Benson, office manager at Pinetop Water. ?We can say goodbye to overtime, carbon emissions and being unsure about what is going on with our system. And staff that previously spent time manually monitoring are now doing proactive upgrades to our system.?

Automation, once only associated with electric utilities, enables the water utility to have constant access to water data from the safety and comfort of their office using a computer, tablet or even smart phone. Water tanks are a key system component, holding water pumped from the well prior to customer use. Sensus? automation technology turns wells on or off based on how much water is in the water tanks and sends alerts when the water hits a certain level. Alerts are also sent about power outages ? a downside of frequent heavy snowfalls in the region. ?

?Water utilities worldwide are implementing smart water networks, but Pinetop is among the first to improve operational efficiency and conservation with automation technology,? said Doug McCall, director of marketing at Sensus. ?Within the next decade, approximately two-thirds of the world?s population, or 4.6 billion people, will experience water stressed conditions meaning the time is now to implement smart water technology.? ?

Pinetop also relies on Sensus? data centers to manage the network and provide data management services. With a staff of only five people, outsourcing data management enables Pinetop to reap the full benefits of a smart water network and automation without requiring additional staff time or a significant investment in IT resources. Pinetop has also never experienced a system outage due to this system. More information is available in a case study located on the Sensus website. ?

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