Newport Beach contracts Mueller for AMI deployment

The City of Newport Beach, Calif., has selected Mueller Systems to deploy 26,500 advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) water meters. The project will include the replacement or retrofitting of all current city water meters with Mueller’s Mi.Net AMI system.

“After a successful 18-month pilot, the new AMI system has already proven its worth in reducing water loss,” said Steffen Catron, Utilities Manager for the city. “During the pilot, we detected and confirmed six residential water leaks within 24-48 hours of the leak occurring, instead of 30-60 days. We are confident that this system will help us best manage our water resources and deliver exceptional customer service.”

“Newport Beach is a leader in the adoption of smart water technology. We are pleased that the Mi.Net AMI system, will further support their commitment to innovation and water conservation,” said Chad Mize, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Mueller.

The Mi.Net system uses a LoRa-enabled radio device that is attached to the newly installed meter and digital register to transmit water usage information over a secure network. The new system will leverage the Sentryx water intelligence software platform which is easy to use and gives water utilities access to accurate water usage information, near real-time alerts and provides data to the city’s water billing system.  The city will also have the capability to provide hourly water usage information to customers.

The Mueller Network Operations Center will support the new AMI system and will monitor all network devices. This will allow the City to focus its time and resources on the delivery of water rather than network and information technology support.

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