Neptune NGO, NVIEW Software Assists in Drought Management

The drought that has gripped much of the western United States continues unabated across California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Long-term moderate drought conditions are now occurring in such disparate areas as Arizona, Georgia and Connecticut. As dry conditions persist, Neptune Technology Group is working to provide answers to counter the drought, including the latest in metering software applications.

With new apps such as Neptune?s NGO, water utilities can use their existing Android-compatible smart phones or tablets to analyze data logging information from a wide range of water meters immediately in the field. That information can then be shared as graphs on-site with consumers to show them exact times and amounts of their water usage. With knowledge of this consumption, as well as any possible leaks that need fixing, the consumer can take actions to save water. NGO is ideal for use in mobile and walk-by AMR (automatic meter reading) environments.

For AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) system deployments, water utility personnel can view and manage?crucial metering data anytime, anyplace with Neptune?s NVIEW? mobile app. Designed to complement N_SIGHT PLUS host software, NVIEW supports water conservation through integrated Esri-based GIS mapping. Its priority alerts pinpoint meters with leaks or reverse flow, inactive accounts with usage, and high-consumption accounts ? areas where water is being wasted. In the office or the field, personnel can use NVIEW to see details for each account within the system ? including the latest readings, peak consumption, and daily and hourly consumption.

?In times of water scarcity or abundance, our industry now recognizes that water efficiency will continue to play a major role in the life of a utility,? said Kent Murray, Vice President Marketing, Neptune Technology Group. ?Applications such as NGO and NVIEW give utilities tools that go beyond reading and billing to identify where water is being lost, so that they can save precious water by capturing Non-Revenue Water.?
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