FATHOM Joins Neptune?s Connected Utility Partnership Program

Neptune Technology Group Inc. (Neptune) has announced an agreement to work with Global Water Management, LLC (FATHOM), as an Enhanced Partner in Neptune?s Connected Utility Partnership Program.

Neptune?s Connected Utility Partnership Program was created to meet the growing needs of water utilities to operate an Advanced Sensor Infrastructure (ASI) and smart utility network with shared, analyzed data across utility applications. The goals of the program are to communicate more than just meter reads across departments and focus on leveraging Neptune?s systems to manage the data and provide analytics.

By adding FATHOM as an Enhanced Partner, water utilities and Connected Utility Partners can further unlock the power of Neptune?s AMR/AMI systems by bringing the data into a comprehensive system that is proven to increase revenue, reduce costs, engage customers and harness the power of concentrated data. ?

?We are very excited to continue to grow our partnership with Neptune,? said Trevor Hill, chief executive officer of FATHOM. ?By combining the meter read data from Neptune?s R900 and R450 Systems with the strength of the geospatial and advanced analytics contained within the FATHOM Meter Data Management (FATHOM MDM) system, the FATHOM U2You customer engagement platform, and the FATHOM Customer Information System (FATHOM CIS), water utilities will be able to leverage the data generated by Neptune?s infrastructure into actionable information enhancing revenue collection and delighting customers.?
?Our partnership with Fathom offers our customers another option to realize enhanced value from their investments in Neptune R900 and R450 technologies,? added Neptune President Chuck DiLaura. ?The addition of the FATHOM MDM Solutions for our customers will enhance the way our customers utilize the data generated by our systems to save money and water.?

?Our belief at FATHOM is that water utilities of all sizes should be able to benefit from the power of technology and data,? said Hill. ?With this partnership we can demonstrate the true value of the Neptune technology by harnessing the data through the vertical between the meter and the customer. Together we can now provide tremendous value to all utilities in a business case that pays for itself.?

About Neptune
Neptune Technology Group Inc. is a pioneer in the development of automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technologies for more than 50 years. Since 1892 Neptune has continually focused on the evolving needs of utilities ? revenue optimization, operational efficiencies, and improved customer service. The company offers a fully integrated migration path for its utility customers to meet their needs now and in the future. For additional information, please visit the company website at www.neptunetg.com.

Developed by a water and wastewater utility, FATHOM is an integrated suite of advanced technologies proven to increase revenue, decrease costs, and bring heightened efficiencies to water utilities. Our proven, rapidly deployable, highly scalable, cloud-based, SaaS solutions are changing the way utilities acquire, analyze and use data to optimize operations and improve customer service. Through our integrated, geospatial platforms ? FATHOM CIS, FATHOM U2You with FATHOM Mobile, FATHOM MDM, and FATHOM AMS ? utilities and their customers have the information they need and want at their fingertips. With four million meters on FATHOM, there is strength in numbers. For more information, visit www.gwfathom.com.

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