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Walking through the exhibit halls at industry trade shows such as the AWWA?s Annual Conference & Exposition (ACE), it doesn?t take long to realize the municipal water utility industry is up to speed on its technological innovation. From condition assessment AMA data analytics to filtration systems, the technology is expanding so quickly it?s often difficult to keep up.?

?Technology has been evolving for a long time,? says John Donahue, who recently took over as president of AWWA in June. ?I?ve seen new types of equipment for metering, treatment devices even before the electronic age. But the whole information age has been quite an evolution for our industry and you see it right there in front of you when you go into the conference.?

In this issue, UIM decided to take a quick look back at a few pieces of technology we?ve observed throughout the year. While there?s not nearly enough space to encapsulate everything, we hope this section offers a glimpse into the array of options available for water utility maintenance. ?

Andrew Farr is associate editor of UIM.

Condition Assessment & Leak Detection

JD7 Investigator+ | JD7 PipeScan+ | JD7 LDS1000

On the side of pipeline inspection, three pieces of technology have made headway this year in the water infrastructure arena. Developed and used in partnership with GAME Trenchless Consultants, the JD7 PipeScan+, the Investigator+ and LDS1000 each bring their own unique capabilities to the world of live water main condition assessment technology.

JD7 is a specialized technology provider based in the United Kingdom that focuses on pipeline inspection and assessment. Piero Salvo, president of GAME Trenchless Consultants, first began exploring the use of JD7 technology prior to forming GAME in 2013. He then carried over that relationship to his new company and partners with JD7 to use the Investigator+ and PipeScan+ for condition assessment work in both the United States and Canada, as well as the LDS1000 in Canada. In addition to condition assessment and CCTV inspections, GAME also provides consulting services for small diameter cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) and epoxy lining for water mains as well as CIPP and other rehab work on the sewer side.?

The JD7 PipeScan+ is primarily used for measuring average wall thickness and leak detection with CCTV capability. It uses an internal ultrasonic manipulator incorporating focused ultrasonic probes coupled with a high-resolution camera system. The PipeScan+ is configured onto a 330-ft long semi-flexible cable and allows water mains of all materials from 4 to 12 in. in diameter to be scanned, allowing a full dimensional survey including multiple wall thickness measurements, corrosion and flow identification. GAME?s JD7 PipeScan+ was awarded the Innovative Product Award at NASTT?s 2014 No-Dig Show.

?I find this technology to be way ahead of its time,? says Salvo. ?Most of the time when you use remote field eddy current or transient couplers, they have to be used close to the pipe wall surface and in most cases, you have to interrupt the service to launch them. Or, if you?re doing it through the surface, you have to add connections that cost a lot of money. We just go in through hydrants or air release valves in the chamber. That?s the beauty of this.??

The JD7 Investigator+ is primarily used for small diameter leak detection, incorporating CCTV capability. It can be used for in-service water distribution mains ranging in size from 4 to 12 in. Larger diameters can be inspected depending on the job. The Investigator+ operates in pressurized water mains and provides visual and leak detection assessments through a single tethered sensor. The Investigator+ can be launched through fire hydrants or pressure fittings while the pipe remains in service and is capable of traveling in either direction from the insertion point (with or against the flow of water).

The JD7 LDS1000 is used for large diameter leak detection and incorporates CCTV. With the LDS1000, inspections are achievable in distances up to 3,200 ft. The sensor head includes high definition CCTV and ultra-high response hydrophone and a high powered sonde for precise leak and acoustic surveys. Another benefit of the LDS1000 is the ability to launch the system through small pressure fittings, air valves and gate valves. The system can also identify leaks as small as 0.004 gpm with single sensor head combining acoustic, high quality video and tracking/mapping capabilities which helps to greatly increase inspection efficiencies. This system is currently used in the United States by Wachs Water Services.

The JD7 PipeScanEchoWave | EchoShore

The EchoWave from Echologics is an advanced acoustic-based mobile leak detection technology that is used by water utilities around the globe to pinpoint leaks on large diameter water mains. EchoWave is a highly accurate, non-invasive, non-disruptive technology that works on multiple pipe types. In addition to metallic pipes, the technology is effective at locating ?quiet? leaks that are common on non-metallic pipe materials such as plastic and asbestos-cement. To date, EchoWave has surveyed thousands of miles of pipes, locating hundreds of leaks and is accomplished outside the pipe without disrupting service.

The EchoShore system from Echologics is a permanently installed network of nodes that automatically detects leaks and can monitor other vital pipeline data. The EchoShore node is self-contained and consists of a battery power source, data logger, communications hardware and hydrophone. A number of technology advancements in process, hardware design and sensor technology enable favorable economics for wide-scale installation.

Smart Metering & Data Analytics

BEACON Advanced Metering AnalyticsBEACON Advanced Metering Analytics

BEACON advanced metering analytics software from Badger Meter combines data analytics with AMI technology using fixed and cellular networks to give utilities greater control, more information and enhanced customer service. With BEACON, utilities can import meter data and utilize the information to improve operations and processes for each specific need. The software suite includes a customizable dashboard, the ability to set unique alert conditions, a consumer engagement website and a smartphone/tablet app so customers can view their water usage activity. It also includes a secure hosted platform and supports integration into current utility business systems.?

Through BEACON, utility managers can perform efficient leak detection while being able to better manage revenue. Utilities will also have the ability to quantify the effects of their water conservation efforts, easier compliance reporting and an enhanced customer service experience.

BEACON AMA is built on the time-tested ORION system for interval data capture and two-way communication. By utilizing the traditional Badger Meter ORION (SE) Fixed Network endpoints and gateways, along with ORION Cellular endpoints, a fixed network can be configured to minimize infrastructure requirements and meet the needs of individual utilities. These flexible options allow a utility to apply the BEACON AMA managed solution to all services, or to immediately get started with more critical commercial or industrial customers.

John Fillinger, director of utility marketing for Badger Meter, says the aim of BEACON is to address four critical areas ? using AMI information to drive a more efficient operation, enhanced customer service, managed solutions and future proofing.

?This is a new way of looking at AMI and a new way of optimizing utility operations,? says Fillinger. ?We wanted to expand outside the walls of the utility and bring the end water customer into the equation. So, we?ve developed an ?EyeOnWater? consumer app. This allows consumers to receive the data so that they can make educated decisions on when and how they?re using water.??


MegaPure Hollow Fiber MembranesMegaPure Hollow Fiber Membranes

MegaPure Hollow Fiber Membranes from Koch Membrane Systems are designed for high-solids water and wastewater applications, including surface water treatment, high total organic carbon (TOC) water treatment, reverse osmosis (RO) pre-treatment and tertiary wastewater treatment. MegaPure simplifies operation, eliminates clarifier pretreatment in many applications, minimizes downtime and reduces chemical usage. These benefits add up to a lower total cost to the utility.

The MegaPure product line has an average continuous solids tolerance of up to 250 mg/L. They also feature an advanced cartridge design for better solids management and a virtually unbreakable reinforced hollow fiber for better reliability.

The MegaPure ultrafiltration system features a unique single-potting cartridge design that allows air scouring to penetrate the fiber bundle more completely and release accumulated solids to the bottom where they are easily drained away.

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