WATER SYSTEM REHABILITATION: Wachs Water Services JV Receives Contract Extension in Atlanta

Wachs Water Services, a leading provider of solutions for the management of aging water infrastructure in North America, announced that it has been awarded a $9.4-million contract extension to continue supporting the City of Atlanta, Ga., in its efforts to assess, test and survey thousands of valves and fire hydrants throughout the water network.

One of the largest water infrastructure projects of its kind in the United States, Wachs Water Services is helping to improve and rehabilitate vital water distribution system assets and control points for the City of Atlanta as part of a joint venture with Brindley Pieters and Associates. The ongoing program has accomplished considerable water system improvements to date, including achieving a high degree of water main valve operability that has set industry standards for large urban cities.

?Wachs Water Services is proud to contribute to Atlanta?s efforts to ensure a reliable and sustainable water infrastructure to serve its citizens and businesses,? said Cliff Wilson, President, Wachs Water Services. ?Managing an aging water network requires a results-driven approach that achieves both immediate system improvements and long-term sustainability. Every dollar that has been invested into this program has delivered tangible results that improve system operability and control on a daily basis.?

The program in Atlanta is focused on improving water main valve and fire hydrant operability, enabling the utility to better respond to water main breaks, achieve a high level of operational control of the water network, and pinpoint repair and replacement of water distribution assets more effectively. Working closely with the Atlanta Department of Watershed Management, services provided by the joint venture include asset location, operational condition assessment and GPS location mapping of critical water assets.

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