Water Sector Groups Release Water Resources Utility of the Future Report

Last week, a partnership of water sector organizations ? the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA), the Water Environment Federation (WEF), the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) and WateReuse ? released the Water Resources Utility of the Future 2015 Annual Report.

The report was officially released last week during a special utility executives session at WEFTEC 2015 in Chicago.

Written collaboratively with industry thought leaders, the annual report is an update on the water sector?s efforts to transform treatment into full resource recovery that includes sustainable, cost-effective management options that capture valuable and reusable products for society. Since the original Water Resources Utility of the Future (UOTF) efforts began in the summer of 2013, several utilities have successfully implemented new and creative programs to address local watershed-wide challenges. The report includes several notable case studies from across the country.

?Since the UOTF initiative began, utilities like mine have continued to take on broader stewardship roles for their communities and local watersheds. Both the local environment and communities have seen easily measurable benefits from the types of programs and innovations detailed in the report,? said Adel Hagekhalil, NACWA?s President and Assistant Director of City of Los Angeles – LA Sanitation in California.

?Widespread promotion of utilities of the future is a major priority for WEF,? said WEF President Ed McCormick. ?This collaboration among water sector organizations to help guide communities toward full resource recovery has put us on the leading edge of a major sea change in the way we manage and sustain our water resources.?

?WERF?s resource recovery research portfolio and the joint WEF-WERF LIFT program are focused on answering the tough questions that have prevented the UOTF from becoming a reality before now,? explains Kevin Shafer, WERF Board Chairman. ?It is invigorating to see the progress being made toward becoming the future.?

?This report effectively communicates the transformation of water utilities to full resource recovery centers where everything is reused,? said WateReuse Executive Director Melissa Meeker. ?WateReuse is pleased to support and contribute to this important report for the first time, a partnership that will certainly continue.?

Click here to download the Water Resources Utility of the Future 2015 Annual Report.

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