Water Authority of Dickson County Adopts Innovyze Modeling Technology

Innovyze recently announced that the Water Authority of Dickson County, Tenn., has chosen the company?s industry-leading InfoWater to support its large-scale, enterprise-wide geospatial water distribution network modeling and management needs.

The Water Authority of Dickson County (WADC), founded in 2002, serves water customers in Dickson and Williamson Counties and wastewater customers in Dickson, Hickman and Williamson counties. Since its inception, WADC has seen increases of more than 40 percent in water customers and more than 100 percent in wastewater customers, and looks forward to continued growth. It services more than 630 miles of water main and more than 215 miles of sewer main. Annually the Authority now produces and sells approximately 1.6 billion gallons of water and treats approximately 1.4 billion gallons of wastewater. InfoWater will help the Authority address critical planning, design, operational and water quality issues with maximum effectiveness while optimizing its capital improvement and operational expenditure programs.

?The InfoWater software is a key component of our smart water network management strategy,? said Michael W. Rogers, P.E., engineering manager for WADC. ?This powerful tool seamlessly interfaces with our GIS and will play a significant role in helping us improve our decision-making process and optimize the performance, sustainability and resilience of our water distribution system.?

Unlike competing products, InfoWater?s innovative network modeling technology addresses every facet of utility infrastructure management and protection ? delivering the highest rate of return in the industry. Built atop ArcGIS (Esri, Redlands, CA), InfoWater seamlessly integrates sophisticated predictive analytics, systems dynamics and optimization functionality directly within the powerful ArcGIS setting. From fire flow and dynamic water quality simulations, valve criticality and energy cost analysis to pressure zone management and advanced Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm optimization, the suite comes equipped with everything water utility owner-operators need to best plan, design, operate, secure and sustain their distribution systems.

The software also serves as a base platform for advanced smart network modeling, operation, capital planning, and asset management extensions. Among these critical applications are IWLive (real-time operations and security); InfoWater UDF (unidirectional flushing); CapPlan (risk-based capital planning); InfoMaster and InfoMaster Mobile (asset integrity management and condition assessment); InfoWater MSX (multi-species modeling); InfoWater BTX (event/particle backtracking); InfoSurge (surge/transient analysis); Sustainability (carbon footprint calculation); BalanceNet (real-time energy management and operations optimization); PressureWatch (real-time network hydraulic integrity monitoring); QualWatch (real-time network water quality integrity monitoring); SCADAWatch (real-time business intelligence and performance monitoring); DemandWatch (water demand forecasting); and DemandAnalyst (real-time water demand and diurnal pattern estimations).

?Innovyze is very proud to partner in the success of WADC,? said Paul F. Boulos, president, COO and chief technical officer of Innovyze. ?Top water utilities are consistently opting for the comprehensive smart water network modeling and management solutions we provide. Worldwide, they are under ever-increasing pressure to improve the management of their aging assets and optimize operational and capital expenditures. Our advanced technology equips them with the ultimate decision support tool for optimal results. Our goal will always be to provide reliable solutions that create the ideal modeling experience, helping them meet their corporate and strategic goals and achieve world-class performance at breakthrough cost savings.?

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