US Water Alliance releases first annual report

The US Water Alliance has released its first-ever annual report highlighting the Alliance’s current initiatives and future goals to accelerate the adoption of one water strategies.US Water Alliance

As a member-supported, national non-profit organization, the US Water Alliance educates the nation about the true value of water and accelerates policies and programs that effectively manage water resources to build stronger communities and a stronger America. The Alliance advances policies and programs to secure a sustainable water future. Its membership includes water providers, public officials, business leaders, environmental organizations, community leaders, policy organizations, and more.

“At the Alliance, we are changing the way the nation views and values water,” said CEO Radhika Fox and Board Chair Kevin Shafer in a joint statement. “With the incredible support of our donors and the deep talent of our members, even our most audacious goals are achievable. We have been able to stretch into new arenas and tackle cutting-edge issues.

“We launched our One Water Roadmap to catalogue the best strategies to move towards a more integrated and sustainable way of managing water resources. Our 2016 One Water Summit doubled in attendees over 2015’s summit. And the Value of Water Campaign, an industry-wide initiative that we are proud to coordinate, continues to be extraordinarily successful in its efforts.”

One of the goals of the Alliance is to bring together diverse interests to identify and advance common ground, achievable solutions to our nation’s most pressing water challenges. Its primary initiatives are to:

  • Educate the nation about the true value of water and the need for investment in water systems.
  • Accelerate the adoption of one water policies and programs that manage water resources to advance a better quality of life for all.
  • Celebrate what works and spread innovation in water management.

Click here to view the Alliance’s full annual report.

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