STAR? ZoneScan Automated Leak-Detection from Aclara? Now Commercially Available

STAR ZoneScan, a unique, automated system from Aclara that can pinpoint underground leaks on water mains to within a few feet, is now commercially available for widespread distribution. Aclara is a leading provider of intelligent infrastructure and part of the Utility Solutions Group of ESCO Technologies Inc. (NYSE:ESE).

The system combines the strengths of leak-intelligence units from Gutermann International with the STAR Network two-way, fixed-network AMI technology from Aclara. Central to the system are Gutermann leak-intelligence units, also called loggers, which are deployed at regular intervals on valves throughout the water-distribution network. The devices monitor the noise characteristics within the pipe network and send this information back to the utility via the Aclara STAR Network. Data from individual leak-intelligence units is automatically correlated using Gutermann?s web-based ZoneScan net software to pinpoint the presence and location of leaks. Repair crews then can be dispatched with confidence that leak locations have been identified.

The STAR ZoneScan system automates the collection, retrieval and analysis of acoustic data by taking advantage of the latest features of Aclara?s STAR Network AMI system, including two-way communication between the utility head-end and endpoints and time-synchronized initiation of sound recordings.

The result is a system that provides critical water-distribution system knowledge with only minimal operator involvement. Once the units are deployed, operators can monitor the system and analyze results at the utility office. No manual or drive-by data collection is required. STAR ZoneScan can be deployed as a stand-alone system or added on to any existing STAR Network AMI system.? Either way, the addition of a STAR ZoneScan leak-detection system gives customers a powerful tool to identify and reduce system water losses.

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