Smart Water Network Helps California City Improve Service, Conserve During Drought

With the Golden State facing one of the most severe droughts on record, the City of San Bruno, Calif., is taking its conservation and customer service efforts to the next level. ?Free low-flow shower heads, bathroom and kitchen faucets and water-saving landscaping classes and rebates are a good start, but we need to do more,? said Jim Burch, deputy director of public works, City of San Bruno.

In addition to limiting outdoor irrigation to two days a week, the city will implement the Sensus smart water network for real-time system monitoring to find water leaks, better assist customers and conserve resources. Using the Sensus FlexNet communication system, iPERL meters, Software as a Service (SaaS) and the Logic data analytics software platform, San Bruno can better manage and account for each drop of water in its system.

?Our customers are monitoring their own water use during this severe drought. With this innovative technology, we can proactively alert them to costly leaks that may be occurring at their homes before that leak turns into an expensive water bill,? said Burch. ?Sensus solutions help us to better serve our customers and, ultimately, conserve our precious water resources.?

The Sensus FlexNet system is a long-range radio network that utilizes licensed spectrum to provide a scalable, upgradeable and reliable communications infrastructure that enables smart water networks and smart cities. The Sensus iPERL water meter captures the lowest flows and maintains measurement accuracy for their 20-year lifetime. SaaS saves money and IT resources.

?Regulating water use is just one step in the process of mitigating the current drought and creating a long term solution to the water scarcity issue in California,? said Burch. ?What will ultimately make the difference is technology.?

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