Los Angeles Utilities Partner with Innovyze for Asset Management Solution

Innovyze has announced that the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation (LASAN) Wastewater Engineering Services Division (WESD) has selected the company?s InfoMaster as its enterprise sewer planning tool. InfoMaster will be used to develop pipeline rehabilitation and replacement plans for the Bureau?s numerous secondary sewer basins.

LASAN manages the City of Los Angeles? wastewater system, which serves more than four million people in the city and 29 contract cities. Its service area comprises approximately 600 sq miles, 6,500 miles of sewer pipelines and four wastewater treatment plants that process approximately 450 million gallons of flow each day. WESD provides wastewater-related planning and engineering support services to meet current and future needs while maintaining close partnership with valued stakeholders. InfoMaster will play an important role in the Bureau?s secondary collection system planning by efficiently tracking and addressing structural and hydraulic deficiencies, conducting studies to evaluate the effectiveness of various root control methods, and providing support for Difficult to Access Reaches (DAR) program.

Built atop ArcGIS (Esri, Redlands, Calif.), InfoMaster gives utilities critical insight into all enterprise assets, their conditions and work processes, facilitating significantly better planning and control. It lets users leverage powerful business analytics and smart network modeling capabilities in new ways to drive higher productivity and quality while managing costs and increasing operational flexibility. It also provides the framework for systematically analyzing and calculating asset criticality and risk (likelihood and consequence of failure as well as the amount and time of occurrence of future failures), predicting replacement costs, and carrying out scenario-based planning for infrastructure maintenance and replacement rehabilitation.

The software features the Linear Extended Yule Process (LEYP), the Cox proportional hazards model, and the advanced time-based probabilistic Weibull and Herz models for modeling the aging processes of sewer pipes and accurately estimating their lifetimes and structural/functional failure potential and distribution over time. Such capabilities can greatly assist wastewater utilities in assessing their pipes? propensity to fail, identifying critical ones (more prone to failure), prioritizing their inspection and determining rehabilitation requirements. They also eliminate reactive maintenance ? waiting for pipe failures to occur before repairing.

Armed with these advantages, utilities can create well-engineered condition- and risk-based capital improvement plans, ensure the best distribution of dollars spent on replacement and repair of underground pipes, and keep systems operating well into the future. InfoMaster is NASSCO PACP, MACP and LACP V6.0 certified, and includes components to run on desktop, web, tablet, and smartphone environments.

?Strong asset performance modeling and capital planning capabilities are critical components of a smart enterprise asset management strategy,? said Paul F. Boulos, president, COO and chief technical officer of Innovyze. ?InfoMaster delivers detailed, accurate analyses and reports that help utility managers make better decisions on when to repair, replace, or rehabilitate their critical assets. It also supports them in developing reliable long-term funding strategies for such projects. These advantages help utilities ensure the long-term sustainability of their infrastructures and their ongoing ability to deliver the required level of service at the lowest lifecycle cost. As a key component of this complex synthesis, Innovyze is proud to be a part of LASAN?s continued success.?

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