Krausz USA Launches HYMAX GRIP End Cap

Krausz USA recently launched the HYMAX GRIP end cap which uses universal teeth to securely cap pipes for a wide range of diameters. As pressure is applied to the end of a plastic or metal pipe, the HYMAX GRIP end cap?s unique radial gripping system increases its hold.

This new end cap can be used in various applications including permanent or temporary capping for plain end pipe, a test cap for hydrostatic tests, or an air release,? said Krausz USA president Tom Gwynn. ?It also features a one-bolt closure to enable quick and easy installation, and its radial closing design and sealing systems help eliminate installation errors.?

Made of highly durable ductile iron, the patented GRIP chain offers a 360-degree restraint around the pipe.?As the pipe applies axial pressure, the GRIP chain increasingly tightens over the pipe, preventing pipe pullout.? The HYMAX GRIP end cap is suitable for a wide range of pipe diameters, replacing the need to use a range of end caps with a range of diameters and thus reducing inventory costs and saving shelf space.

The HYMAX GRIP end cap is the newest member of the HYMAX GRIP family which uses the same gripping technology within a pipe coupling and flange adaptor format. HYMAX GRIP products feature Krausz?s patented progressive pressure-assisted gasket with two-stage sealing. The first stage employs a mechanical seal that is effective under vacuum or non-pressure with the second utilizing a self-inflated gasket using water pressure. As a coupling, the HYMAX GRIP allows joining pipes to move up to four degrees on each end and still maintain a tight, durable seal. Through this dynamic deflection, the HYMAX GRIP absorbs a wide variety of fluctuating stresses, making it a durable and secure coupling.

The HYMAX GRIP?s advanced anti-galling uses a dry treatment process on nuts and bolts with Molecular Anti-Galling (MAG) based on embedded zinc that prevents galling and enables repeated bolt tightening. The end cap?s fusion-bonded epoxy coating enables an insulated product and prevents corrosion.

About Krausz Industries
For more than 90 years, Krausz Industries has designed and manufactured market-leading coupling and repair clamp solutions for water and wastewater applications worldwide. Krausz continually invests in R&D, and draws on its large staff of engineers and technological experts to introduce innovative products that provide unmatched reliability with complete ease of installation. Founded in Europe in the early 1920s, the company places an emphasis on responding to market needs and product excellence. Its solutions are deployed worldwide and have been field proven under the most extreme conditions. To learn more, visit

About Krausz USA
Krausz USA fulfills growing US and Canadian customers’ product and service needs with three logistic facilities located in Ocala, Florida, Lakeville Minnesota and Fontana, California.? Its regional sales and support network is spread nationwide with territorial sales managers, commercial representatives and local distributors. To learn more, visit

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