Itron Announces Water Fixed Network Deployment in Western Australia

Itron, Inc. announced recently that the Water Corporation of Australia is installing 13,000 Itron smart meters across the Pilbara region of Western Australia, which encompasses the townships of Port and South Hedland, Karratha, Roebourne, Wickham and Point Samson. The Itron meters, communication modules, network infrastructure and software will be installed over the next year and are a key part of the region?s new water efficiency program aimed at saving one billion liters of water per year.

The Itron smart water meters record and report water flow hourly, providing important data to help the Water Corporation detect leaks and spot unusual increases in demand. Over time, the water usage data will also help the Water Corporation compare hourly readings on a week-by-week or month-by-month map to determine usage trends and pinpoint potential areas to target conservation.

?We?re pleased to take part in the Water Corporation of Australia?s efforts to conserve water,? said Sheena Trumble, Itron general manager, Australia. ?Itron?s fixed network system is the ideal solution to track water usage to pinpoint leaks and make informed decisions about water conservation. Our experience, cutting-edge technology, and recent success installing this architecture in Kalgoorlie positioned us as a clear choice for this project.?

?With Itron?s technology, our customers will have information about when they use water, which will help them understand how to reduce their usage and save money,? said Garry Peach, Smart Metering program manager for the Water Corporation of Australia. ?From an operations perspective, implementing these meters is a critical step toward helping identify leaks and track consumption across the region, so we reach our water efficiency program goals.?

Itron is dedicated to solving water providers? supply and distribution challenges in Australia. Recently, Itron has worked with the Town of Port Douglas, the City of Kalgoorlie, City West Water, South East Water, Yarra Valley Water, Barwon Water, and most recently with Sydney Water, Australia?s largest water utility, to solve water challenges.

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