Hydromax USA, Utilis LTD Partner for Satellite-based Leak Detection Services

Hydromax USA recently announced a partnership with Utilis LTD to exclusively provide water utilities the ability to analyze satellite imagery to detect water leaks within their network infrastructure. The partnership will serve municipalities across the Central and Eastern United States.
Using the same satellite technology to look for water on other planets, Hydromax USA clients will now have the opportunity to locate network water loss over thousands of square kilometers ? all through aerial scans from space. This solution can accurately pinpoint leaks within a 6 meter radius, saving significant labor costs associated with finding leaks using today?s current leak detection technology.
?We are excited to come together with Utilis LTD to add this advanced leak detection technology to our already robust suite of solutions for water infrastructure condition assessment,? says Jeff Graham, president of Hydromax USA. ?Our goal has always been to help our clients understand the present state of their infrastructure through information management tools and turn-key programs that maximize the value of our customer?s products and services. Hydromax water distribution system programs are designed to optimize water distribution system performance and reliability, minimize delivery costs, controls water loss, and enhance water quality.?

The technology uses multispectral aerial imaging ? taken from satellite-mounted sensors ? to spot leakage in underground distribution and transmission pipes. The raw imagery is processed by algorithms looking for a particular spectral ?signature? typical to drinking water. ?After calculating and adjusting any distorting factors, the information is integrated to Hydromax USA?s client GIS water network models and project management dashboards. ?

The system generates locations of water leaks which can be integrated by Hydromax USA into existing CMMS models or can be presented in a mobile web application displaying the leak location and size within the clients existing GIS. Hydromax USA can provide technical support to the utility?s teams for final correlation or perform the correlation on the leaks identified. Leaks are then found without the time and manpower of system-wide field based acoustic surveys.
Another benefit of this service is that it can be provided periodically on a monthly or quarterly basis. The customer can adjust the frequency of monitoring in order to align with budget allocations or to resolve existing leak-repair backlogs.
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