Godwin Supports Hurricane Isaac Relief Efforts

Godwin, a Xylem brand, continues to support emergency relief efforts through the south after Hurricane Isaac.

In the same areas hit by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, parishes throughout New Orleans and Baton Rouge were experiencing flooding and power outages from Hurricane Isaac. Pump stations were being used at length because of the outages, and needed backup. Godwin, in conjunction with distributor Better Pumps & Solutions, deployed a total of 167 pumps.

Godwin deployed 6-in. pumps from branches in Houston and San Antonio, Texas, Jacksonville and Lakeland, Fla., Atlanta, Ga., Bridgeport, N.J., and Evanston, Wis. Better Pumps & Solutions has locations in both New Orleans and Baton Rouge, and were at the forefront of the hurricane relief in the area.????????

?There were five coastal parishes, among others, affected by Hurricane Isaac,? said John Bienvenu of Better Pumps & Solutions. ?Some have had recent levee improvements that helped prevent flooding. Others, in lower lying areas, experienced greater floods. Those not greatly affected by flooding still suffered large power outages.?

In Mississippi, flooding wasn’t extremely dramatic during the storm, but the remnants of Hurricane Isaac still caused problems for local communities. Godwin Eastern District Manager Will Buddin began receiving calls on Sept. 1 that the Percy Quin dam and levee were in jeopardy. Officials wanted to build an emergency spillway and the dam level needed to drop to reduce the threat of cracking, and also to begin work on the emergency spillway.

?The dam is fed by Lake Tangipahoa, which we estimated to be a 700-900-acre lake,? said Buddin. ?That’s a lot of water that would go downstream toward Louisiana. Five 12-in. DPC300 Godwin Dri-Prime pumps and four 8-in. CD225M Dri-Prime pumps were deployed from Hydra Service. Everyone was working to get the area under control as quickly as possible along with contractors and the Army Corp of Engineers.?

The level dropped successfully in two days, and work has currently begun to install the emergency spillway that is intended to prevent such emergencies in the future. The spillway will regulate excess flow in an emergency or torrential downpour and take pressure off the dam.

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