Fort Collins Utilities Receives Water Distribution Award

Fort Collins Utilities was recently recognized as the first utility in Colorado, and among the first in the nation, to receive the Directors Award in the?Partnership for Safe Water?s Distribution System Optimization Program.

?I congratulate Fort Collins Utilities for being a leader in water quality and one of the first utilities in North America to achieve this award,? said Deputy Director Becki Clark from the EPA?s Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water. ?This shows a commitment to safeguarding our water systems and ensuring public health, as well as providing exceptional drinking water to local homes and businesses.?

To receive this honor, Fort Collins Utilities first had to complete a comprehensive assessment that evaluated its water distribution operations and performance; identified limiting factors; and developed action plans to achieve system optimization. The results of the assessment were compiled into a nationally-reviewed report by industry experts. The success of planned maintenance, advanced meters, proactive leak detection and staff operations were highlighted in the review.

?We are honored to be the first utility in Colorado to receive this award,? said Fort Collins Utilities Executive Director Kevin Gertig. ?As a founding member of the?Partnership, we are committed to continual improvement and excellence in water quality.?

This spring, Fort Collins Utilities also received the milestone 15-year?Partnership?award for the Water Treatment Facility. The two awards (for excellence in water production and for ensuring water quality throughout the distribution system) were presented at the annual conference of the American Water Works Association, the largest worldwide organization dedicated to safe water.

?Being recognized for producing and distributing some of the highest-quality water in North America, even with the challenges associated with the forest fires of 2012 and the floods of 2013, shows the talents and dedication of Fort Collins Utilities employees,? said Utilities Operations Manager, Jon Haukaas.

The?Partnership for Safe Water?is a voluntary optimization program for water treatment plants and distribution system operations. More than 220 utility subscribers, collectively serving more than 100 million people, are committed to the Partnership?s goal to provide safe, high-quality drinking water through operational excellence. Members must complete a four-phase self-assessment and peer review process developed by industry experts.

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