Consolidated Waterworks of Louisiana Deploys Sedarū Software

IDModeling, Inc., a provider of smart water network software and services, announced recently that Consolidated Waterworks District No. 1 of Terrebonne Parish, La., has deployed its flagship service, Sedarū, to connect and optimize its water operations.

Sedarū enables users to be connected to system status and performance, predict the outcome of actions before they make decisions, and respond within a real-time, mobile, and social platform. Sedarū allows water industry professionals to understand impacts and optimize operations for energy, quality, water loss and asset management initiatives.

The Louisiana Parish of Terrebonne boasts a population of 111,860 and the state?s second largest total land area. In the heart of bayou country is the parish seat, the City of Houma, home to Consolidated Waterworks (CWW) District No. 1 of Terrebonne Parish, which serves approximately 42,000 accounts.
CWW runs well-established information systems that serve departmental ?silos?, and experienced challenges with these systems delivering cohesive workflows between different functional groups, for cross-departmental benefits. CWW selected Sedarū to connect groups as well as prioritize and manage work while monitoring and predicting field events — instantly connecting engineering, maintenance, customer service, and management with its real-time, communicating platform. The analytics and business intelligence provided by Sedarū alerts CWW staff, who now know instantly what needs to be done at a specific location, allowing them to predict overall system impact, and prioritize response immediately.?

?Sedarū saved me hours per week, and allowed my staff to increase their productivity by 20 percent by automating our processes,? said Michael Sobert, CWW General Manager. ?We just took a HUGE step forward in efficiencies with this important decision support tool.?

By using Sedarū, all of CWW?s departments can apply their knowledge within a collaborative environment. Management can monitor key performance indicators and communicate from their tablets or smart phones. Engineers can anticipate events to coordinate prioritized action for operations and CIP. Operations and maintenance can use real-time and predictive alerts, with GIS mapping to address water quality, energy, and emergency events, to and from the field. Customer service representatives can easily access data from the field to provide informed answers to customers.

?IDModeling?s Sedarū software has connected us to our data, from GIS to AS/400 customer data, to our system hydraulics.? said Mary Trahan, CWW GIS manager. ?It?s been exciting to see our staff?s efficiencies increase with instant access to better information?.

?For utilities, Sedarū is all about what happens next,? said Kevin Koshko, Sedarū product director. ?The benefits of Sedarū elevate the organization?s awareness, involvement, and accountability, as demonstrated by CWW?s overall performance since Sedarū.? ?We?re excited to build solutions that address the daily business needs of our industry within a platform ready for the sensor-driven utility of tomorrow, and humbled to partner with an industry leader in CWW, which sees the importance of access, collaboration, and effective decision making.?

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