CONFERENCES: Virginia Tech to Host UIM Conference

The UIM Conference Series is heading to Blacksburg, Va., March 10 for its Water/Wastewater Management Conference. The conference is being organized in conjunction with Virginia Tech and associate professor Sunil Sinha, a recognized expert in the field of water and wastewater infrastructure.

The UIM Water/Wastewater Management Conference is a one-day event specifically geared toward providing the latest information on how to effectively manage underground pipe networks, covering such topics as infrastructure asset management, infrastructure research, health monitoring, utility and consultant perspectives, underground imaging, real-time monitoring, pipe design and installation, and rehab design and installation.

This unique event features a networking reception on the evening of March 9. The UIM conferences are known for their dialogue between participants and speakers, creating a learning environment for all parties. The university setting of Virginia Tech also allows the interaction between engineering students who will be entering the workforce.

The UIM Water/Wastewater Management Conference is geared toward anyone involved with managing sewer and water systems, including Elected Officials, City Managers, Public Works Directors, City CFOs and CEOs, City Planners, Engineering Directors and Private Water Company CEOs.

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