Commemoratives: Neptune Celebrates 120 Years

This year, Neptune Technology Group Inc., known simply as, ?Neptune,? is celebrating 120 years of leadership and continual innovation in the water industry.

Neptune produces utility management systems for utility customers across North America. In the last 40 years alone, the company has produced more than 54 million meters and since 1998, it has produced more than 10 million radio frequency meter interface units (RF MIUs).

?We?re proud to have reached such a milestone,? said Neptune President Chuck DiLaura. ?We?ve accomplished quite a bit in 120 years in the midst of an ever-evolving industry. We?re pleased that many of the products and systems we?ve introduced have become today?s industry standard, and we?re dedicated to maintaining that position of leadership in our efforts to be our customers? most valued partner.?

Since the production of its first Trident meter in 1892, Neptune has amassed a number of industry firsts, including the first compound meter in 1909; the first fire service meter (the PROTECTUS) in 1915; and the first absolute encoder register in 1964, which provided accurate meter data for both visual and remote readings. These innovations made Neptune the first supplier of both measurement and data collection products to the waterworks industry. Four years later, the company introduced the original Automatic Reading and Billing System (ARB).

By 1972, Neptune was one of the first large-scale manufacturing operations to relocate to Alabama for industry expansion, having moved its headquarters from Long Island City, New York. The following year, Neptune added a foundry to its facilities.

Over the next four decades, the company has continued to expand its scope, moving from the manufacturing of mechanical water meters to the design and production of sophisticated automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems based on radio frequency (RF) technology.

In 2003, Neptune introduced the E-Coder, the first solid state absolute encoder with 8-digit registration, allowing for advanced leak, tamper, and reverse flow detection. The E-Coder R900i debuted in 2008 as the industry?s first integrated combination of solid-state absolute encoder and RF transmitter.

This year, Neptune introduced its cloud-based N_SIGHT IQ, an intelligent data management and analytics system, designed to store and analyze vast amounts of meter usage data and provide utilities with advanced analytics without investing in new infrastructure and offering utility customers the ability to manage their water usage directly.

?It?s an exciting time of innovation for us,? said DiLaura. ?But then, that?s the Neptune legacy.?

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