City of Santa Ana Deploys?Sedaru for Operational Decision Support

IDModeling, Inc. is deploying its flagship smart water enterprise software, Sedaru, for the City of Santa Ana Public Works Agency. The industry?s real-time solution to connect organizational data, systems and users across the water enterprise, Sedaru?creates and distributes hydraulic, asset and operational management content so utilities can anticipate water operations, understand impacts and solve problems for energy, quality, water resource and asset management initiatives.

At rollout, the city benefits from an operational water system model within Sedaru?s real-time, turnkey smart water operating platform. The city will interact with Sedaru?s predictive analytics to apply critical decision support data to prioritize main replacement, coordinate outage response, pinpoint capacity deficiencies and identify optimal flushing locations.

These predictive analytics will support the city?s agile water master planning process, and day-to-day operational strategies, with real-time data from hydraulics, SCADA and maintenance, thereby saving the city money and resources?and creating more impactful outcomes with each project and operational decision. The city will be able to measure overall effectiveness in relation to its customers, as automated key performance indicators (KPIs) in Sedaru, ultimately allowing for both immediate?operational and longer-term asset management benefits.

“We are excited about deploying Sedaru, and look forward to utilizing it to perform water model simulations, and monitor and analyze field operations in real-time. These tools will allow our whole agency to better respond to ever-changing field conditions through improved coordination and a better overall understanding of how our water system behaves,” said Rudy Rosas, P.E., senior civil engineer at the City of Santa Ana Public Works Agency.

?The entire Sedaru team is energized to see?the team at the City of Santa Ana Public Works Agency implement and reap the benefits of Sedaru,? said Kevin Koshko, Sedaru Product Director. ?The city will be able to apply Sedaru?s analytics to their asset and operational data, immediately effecting?positive change and savings.?

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