City of Morgan Hill Partners with IDModeling for Smart Water Software

IDModeling, Inc. has been selected by the City of Morgan Hill, Calif., to deploy its flagship smart water enterprise software, Sedarū. The industry?s real-time solution to connect organizational data, systems and people across the water enterprise, Sedarū leverages IDModeling?s proven hydraulic, asset and operational management analytics so utilities can anticipate water operations, understand impacts and solve problems for energy, quality, water resource and asset management initiatives.

The City of Morgan Hill?s Utility Billing Office (Morgan Hill) provides water and sewer services to over 12,200 customers in the southern Santa Clara Valley. According to Morgan Hill?s Utility Systems Manager, Mario Iglesias, there is a growing demand on utilities to maintain their staffing and manage costs while still providing the best customer service. ?In response, Morgan Hill looks toward technology ? such as Sedarū ? that delivers in-depth system knowledge, right when our team needs it,? said Iglesias.

Boosting Accuracy, Efficiency and Morale

IDModeling worked with Morgan Hill to deploy Sedarū as their smart water network, connecting their field and office operations by integrating their Esri-based GIS and CMMS for their field crews into a single, easy-to-use operating platform to enable role-based water analytics that are accessible anywhere, anytime.
?In the past, we weren?t easily able to find customer service information we needed. Now, with Sedarū, tasks get assigned and data gets updated in real-time. All this allows accurate information to be readily available to the field crew and our team in the office, thereby increasing efficiency and saving time,? said Iglesias.

Having Sedarū in place also increases accuracy when doing the job, according to Iglesias. The field crews can easily review the history of a particular asset or area of the system to identify previous blockages or damage to a pipe. This used to be a time-consuming process, but through Sedarū, any member of the Morgan Hill team can access all asset information through a central repository. Sedarū delivers one place to access all data, and one place to update data.

?With Sedarū, field crews know their tasks and data gets updated immediately, so monthly reporting and measuring progress is no longer just visible to the boss but also to any employee,? said Iglesias. ?Sedarū gives our team all the relevant information to go out there and do an accurate, efficient and thorough job, and that builds our team?s morale. Accuracy, efficiency, and team morale ? all of these are issues addressed by Sedarū. With Sedarū in place we can say: ?Great! We have overcome obstacles in doing our job, now we can do what we are here to do ? respond more quickly to our customers? needs.??

The Power of Sedaru

Morgan Hill?s Operations and Maintenance team uses Sedarū as a core part of their everyday work. Users in the office can assign maintenance tasks specifically on those assets that need it most and are most critical for system operations. Field crews use it to get assignments, track work, document the history of the system so all users can benefit, and to respond to customer requests with total system awareness.

?We?re very grateful to continue our long relationship with Morgan Hill,? said Kevin Koshko, Sedarū Product Director. ?Their forward-thinking team immediately grasped the benefits of Sedaru, and we are excited that they are planning to connect their sewer data to Sedarū this year so the entire utility can benefit from its connected smart network analytics.?

Iglesias concluded, ?Once people start to see the power they have with this tool, they start to believe, and it doesn?t take long for people to see the power there is in Sedarū.?

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