City of Fountain Valley Utilizes Smart Water Network to Aid Conservation

Water restrictions, conservation rebates and turf removal are some of the ways the City of Fountain Valley encourages residents to save water as California?s historic drought continues. Smart water technology is bringing those efforts to the next level by regularly monitoring water usage and proactively sharing that data with residents and businesses, enabling the entire city to work together to conserve water and prevent leaks.

?Sensus solutions help us to monitor drought conservation regulations so we can meet our city-wide goal of a 20 percent drop in water use,? said Mark Sprague, utilities manager, City of Fountain Valley. ?Here in Orange County, approximately 50 to 60 percent of household water is used outdoors for activities such as watering lawns. With the smart water network, it can help alert us to high water users and allow us to more closely monitor those accounts and work with them to find ways to help achieve better water use efficiency.?

The city relies on the Sensus smart water network, including the FlexNet communication system, iPERL residential and OMNI commercial meters, to empower residents and businesses to identify areas where they can cut back on water use and help the city to proactively identify leaks.

The Sensus FlexNet system is a long-range radio network that provides a scalable and reliable communications infrastructure that enables smart water networks and smart cities. Sensus OMNI commercial meters offer sustained precision over time, and Sensus iPERL water meters capture the lowest flows and maintain measurement accuracy for their 20-year lifetime.

?Before deploying Sensus technology, it was difficult to determine how much water we were losing each year,? said Sprague. ?Today, we know almost immediately when water is being lost and can quickly make repairs.?

In addition to implementing a smart water network, Fountain Valley works directly with residents to conserve by offering water efficiency rebates, turf removal programs and a free water smart home survey.?

The water scarcity issue in California is a long-term problem, but with the improved data accuracy and applications provided through the Sensus smart water network, Fountain Valley is on the path to creating a better future for its community.

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