Aurora (Ill.) Water Production Team Honored for Water Quality

The Partnership for Safe Water and the City of Aurora, Ill., is proud to recognize the achievements of the Aurora Water Production Division in providing some of the nation?s safest, cleanest drinking water to the city?s residents. ?

The Aurora Water Production team has been honored with the President?s Award from the Partnership for Safe Water, a national initiative to improve the quality of drinking water. The Aurora Water Treatment Facility is one of only 27 surface water treatment plants nationwide to achieve and document the exceptional water quality required to earn the President?s Award. This places the Aurora Water Treatment Plant in the top quarter of the top 1 percent of surface water treatment facilities in the United States.

?The City of Aurora Water Treatment Plant is among an elite group of utilities to achieve this award,? said Robert C. Cheng, chair of the Partnership for Safe Water Steering Committee.??The entire team at the City of Aurora Water Treatment Plant has demonstrated its commitment to superior treatment plant performance and its leadership in quality improvement to utilities throughout North America.?

This also marks the fifth year in a row in which Aurora?s Water Production team has achieved the Directors Award from the Partnership for Safe Water.

Following the announcement of both the President?s and Director?s Awards, the team was also recognized by Mayor Tom Weisner and the city council on Tuesday for their dedication to safe, high-quality drinking water for all of Aurora?s water customers.

The Partnership for Safe Water is a voluntary program in which water treatment plants perform numerous tests and self-analysis to optimize their existing water treatment processes. Treatment plants that are successful in consistently producing water quality that is better than what is required by current Federal regulations may earn the recognition of the Director?s Award and potentially the President?s Award, which recognizes the highest possible and most stringent level of filtering performance in a water treatment facility.

The Partnership for Safe Water is a national initiative developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the American Water Works Association, and four other prestigious drinking water organizations. The Partnership?s mission is to improve the quality of water delivered to customers by optimizing water treatment system operations. For more information, visit

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