ASCE Launches Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has launched the?Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute?(UESI), giving surveyors and civil engineers one more reason to ?dig? their profession.

ASCE?s President Robert D. Stevens and inaugural UESI President Randall C. Hill unveiled the new institute in a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the association?s 2015 Pipelines Conference in Baltimore last month.

?Technical excellence has always been at the heart of ASCE and its mission,? says Stevens. ?The establishment of UESI will give our members working in these fields an organization focused on their needs and unique opportunities to work together using ASCE?s strong, recognized brand to push for innovations.?

UESI marks the first national organization designed to embrace professionals engaged in utility and pipeline infrastructure engineering and surveying. Once fully operational in October, the institute will be a worldwide leader in establishing standards and manuals of practice that reflect state-of- the-art engineering practices including planning, design, construction, operations and asset management for utility infrastructure and surveying.?UESI is ASCE?s ninth technical institute.

The vision of Stevens, whose leadership path began in ASCE?s technical institutes, is that UESI will provide a home for pipeline and utility infrastructure engineers and surveyors where they can collectively work to strengthen the two professions. UESI is led by a 10-member board of governors from a variety of utility pipeline and surveying disciplines.?As the organization evolves, it is expected to draw up to 8,000 members.

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