Arizona City Uses Sedaru Smart Outage to Keep Customers in Service, Reduce Water Loss

IDModeling, Inc. is deploying its flagship smart water enterprise software, Sedaru, for the City of Chandler, Arizona (City). The industry?s real-time analytics platform to connect organizational data, systems, and users across the water/wastewater enterprise, Sedaru creates and distributes hydraulic, asset and operational intelligence so utilities can anticipate operations, understand impacts, and solve problems for energy, quality, water resource and asset management initiatives.

The City delivers water to over 250,000 people, and is one of the largest population centers in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The City projects a steadily growing population in the near future, which will result in increased water demand and stress on its water system infrastructure and operations. In its continued efforts to better serve its residents while furthering its water conservation initiatives, the City has selected Sedaru Smart Outage as a powerful, intuitive outage planning and response solution.

Sedaru Smart Outage delivers mission-critical water main break response information, including which operable valves to close, which customers will be impacted by low operating pressures and the work to isolate the break, real-time and predicted facility alerts during the outage, and more. ?Sedaru calculates and delivers this data instantly, within a turnkey operating platform for action, with work orders?and real-time communications across the utility enterprise.

Sedaru Smart Outage: Minimizing Water Loss and Improving Service

  • Easy to deploy, scale, and use
  • Minimum requirement is a GIS or a Hydraulic Model. ?If you have both, even better
  • A GIS geometric network is not required. ?The Sedaru algorithm infers it
  • If your hydraulic model isn?t ready, our experts can help get it there
  • Enables your SCADA and/or CMMS to apply real-time O&M data
  • Predicts and updates outage response time and duration, in real-time

Keep customers in service, know which valves to close, and reduce water loss. ?
Sedaru Smart Outage is the premiere planning and response tool for water main breaks and facility outages that delivers the biggest benefit based on all available?data.

?A water main breaks every 2 minutes in the United States, losing nearly 3 trillion gallons of water each year,? said Kevin Koshko, Sedaru Product Director. ?Sedaru Smart Outage is a tool that addresses this critical issue, helping utilities respond efficiently to these significant water loss events. We are excited to provide the City of Chandler with a solution that informs their response to system outages?and supports their water conservation goals.?

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