Applied Felts Introduces New Custom CIPP Liner

Applied Felts has announced its latest innovation in CIPP liner technology ? AquaCure PS ? a breakthrough product designed for force mains and other pressure pipe applications, including non-potable water. AquaCure PS was developed to meet an industry-wide, growing need for applications that must withstand higher internal pressures while delivering the best possible performance.

?The market is changing at a rapid pace,? said Alex Johnson, president of Applied Felts, Inc. ?System owners are always looking for solutions that help flow move more quickly and easily. Pressure pipes have traditionally been the right solution, particularly where the elevation of the source is not sufficient for gravity flow and/or the use of gravity conveyance can result in excessive excavation depths and high construction costs. But like traditional gravity lines, force mains are not immune to cracks or leaks, either.

?Up until now CIPP technology has not been able to adequately address the growing need for pressure pipe rehabilitation, so Applied Felts has been working diligently to develop our best possible solution for these types of applications. After years of extensive research, we recently developed AquaCure PS, which combines glass reinforcement with traditional felt for maximum performance in force mains. We hope to soon also launch AquaCure PW, the Applied Felts solution specifically designed for potable water applications.?

While AquaCure PS is constructed specifically for municipal sewer applications, such as force mains, it can also be used for industrial purposes, including fire water lines and more. Its fiberglass reinforcement provides static, self-supporting properties and can be engineered to provide the pressure equivalent of a stand-alone AWWA Class IV Pipe. Size and design criteria determine maximum pressure, with pressures exceeding 150 PSI typically accommodated.

?We know that every job is different,? continued Johnson, ?so we work with our customers to understand project conditions and applications before manufacturing their liners. This helps us deliver the best possible product and help ensure our customers? installations are successful, every time.?

In 2013 Applied Felts introduced AquaCure RP, a state-of-the-art liner that combines fiberglass reinforcement with Applied Felts? existing, best-in-class felt liner design and construction. Later this year Applied Felts will introduce AquaCure PW, designed specifically for potable water applications.

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