ADVANCED METERING: Allentown (Pa.) Selects Itron to Manage Water Resources

Itron Inc. announced that the City of Allentown, Pa.?s Bureau of Water Resources will implement Itron?s mobile data collection solution for the collection and analysis of water meter reads. The solution will help Allentown reduce non-revenue-generating water through improved metering accuracy, enhanced leak detection capabilities and added tamper deterrents. Installation is expected to be complete by mid-2013.
The City of Allentown, which serves 34,000 connections for 118,000 residents, will install more than 26,000 Itron advanced datalogging water modules while utilizing the nearly 6,000 Itron water modules the utility already has in place. Allentown?s mobile data collection solution will also include Itron mobile collectors and web-based data presentment software.

The flexibility of Itron?s technology enables utilities, such as Allentown, to support future migration from mobile data collection to fixed network systems within the same platform.

?The City of Allentown chose Itron?s solution because it has the flexibility we need,? said John Parsons, manager Program Development. ?We now have a proven solution to address the City?s need for increased water meter accuracy in addition to improving leak detection and deterring meter tampering.

?By choosing Itron?s mobile solution, we have the option to migrate to a fixed base system in the future with very few changes to our operations. We are excited about a new automated meter reading system that will be a definite enhancement to the very labor-intensive process that we currently have in-place, while at the same time increasing City revenues,? Parsons added.

With the Itron solution, Allentown can leverage the benefits of advanced datalogging analysis to detect water loss, conserving water resources and creating operational efficiencies. The solution will also dramatically reduce the time it takes to read all meters in the system, going from several weeks per quarter to two or three days.

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