3M, TaKaDu Partner for Infrastructure Management Solutions

3M and TaKaDu recently signed an agreement designed to help water utilities learn how to improve efficiency and ultimately save water.

3M currently has a small strategic equity investment in TaKaDu. By combining their strong commitment to improving water efficiency and their technological advances, the two companies will be addressing the market together, to offer water utilities a more complete solution to detect problems, convert data into insights and decide where to rehabilitate their infrastructure.

3M specifically developed Scotchkote Liner 2400 for the rehabilitation of potable water pipe infrastructure without the cost and community impacts of full pipe replacement. The liner is designed to help extend service life, reduce leaks and improve water quality by helping prevent the future build-up of tuberculation.

TaKaDu offers a smart analytics solution designed to detect events (such as leaks and burst) and manage the events through their entire life cycle by providing key insights into network issues and operational planning.

TaKaDu?s Event Management Solution is a comprehensive decision-making platform that can be integrated across the utility. Using advanced statistical and mathematical algorithms, the platform translates utility raw data, into actionable insights about events including: leaks, bursts, faulty assets and operational failures. Because the platform is cloud-based and works across IT systems, it can be implemented within weeks. Utilities can achieve higher network efficiency by resolving issues faster and at a lower cost.

Frederick K. Schiller, business director of Infrastructure for the 3M Electrical Markets Division said, ?Bringing cutting edge technologies to our customers is always a 3M priority. By joining forces with TaKaDu, we are looking forward to providing the water sector with more comprehensive and efficient solutions.?

Amir Peleg, founder and CEO of TaKaDu said, ?Seeing the recent drought in California and other places throughout the world, operational efficiency is our key goal. I am confident that by collaborating with 3M, the water sector will see the proven value proposition of these operational changes that will undoubtedly lead to water savings.?

TaKaDu’s solution is currently deployed by water utilities in Europe, Australia, Latin America and the Middle East. TaKaDu’s innovative approach has earned notable water industry commendations, including the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award and the 2013 Sustainability Award. The company was also featured as a Harvard Business Case Study. TaKaDu is a founding member of SWAN, the Smart Water Networks Forum.

Since the invention of vinyl electrical tape in 1946, the 3M Electrical Markets Division has designed and manufactured reliable products for some of the world?s leading industries, including energy, commercial and industrial electrical construction, oil and gas, mining, water, transportation and manufacturing. Today, the division deploys technology to create new solutions to help meet energy and infrastructure challenges.

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