San Jose Water gets CPUC approval for smart meters

San Jose Water (SJW), a wholly-owned subsidiary of SJW Group (NYSE: SJW), announced recently that the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has approved its request to deploy advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). SJW will be investing approximately $100 million over the next four years in this technology, which it says supports its customer service and environmental goals.

“We appreciate the CPUC’s approval of our AMI request, which will enhance the customer experience by giving customers greater control over their water usage and water bills,” said Andy Gere, president and COO of San Jose Water. “Smart meters support SJW’s commitment to preserving and protecting the environment by helping to detect and stop leaks quickly, respond to climate change impact, and reduce carbon emissions. This technology will help us effectively plan for future water supply needs.”

AMI systems track water usage and provide meaningful hourly data to monitor for leaks and consumption. When fully implemented, the benefits of AMI include:

  • Access to water usage, 24 hours a day
  • Early leak detection notifications
  • High-use alerts
  • Ability to monitor and manage water use during periods of drought
  • Enhanced customer service

Currently, customers see their water usage when they receive a bill. For most, this is once every 60 days. AMI will also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions through water savings and decreased vehicle travel to its more than 230,000 water meters. San Jose Water is expected to cut its annual carbon footprint by 103 tons of CO2e, equivalent to the CO2 emissions from 11,590 gallons of consumed gasoline.

As the AMI deployment begins, SJW says it will work to engage and inform customers about the technology and its benefits.

Founded in 1866, San Jose Water is an investor-owned public utility, and is one of the largest and most technically sophisticated urban water systems in the United States. The company serves over one million people in the greater San Jose metropolitan area. San Jose Water is owned by SJW Group, a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol SJW. SJW Group also owns: Connecticut Water Company in Connecticut; Maine Water Company in Maine; and SJWTX, Inc. (dba Canyon Lake Water Service Company) in Texas. To learn more about San Jose Water, visit:

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