Master Meter, WaterSmart announce collaboration

Master Meter, Inc. and WaterSmart Software, have announced the formation of a strategic partnership that will allow Master Meter’s water management solution portfolio in the United States to include WaterSmart’s consumer engagement technology.

The collaboration between Master Meter and WaterSmart will help deliver actionable data insights to utility staff aimed at reducing real costs related to serving customers while at the same time improving the experience and satisfaction of their customers.

Consumers can now track hourly and daily water usage, self-identify and resolve leaks, understand where water is used, compare their use to similar customers, view and pay their bill and set water use and bill alerts. Utility personnel are provided with automated data analysis and targeted digital outreach to reduce customer service costs associated with inbound calls and field visits. Master Meter clients can optimally leverage their investments in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), gain actionable intelligence from consumption data, gain greater insight into their system, and dynamically manage customer communications.

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This new partnership will combine the strengths of each company, including Master Meter’s leadership in delivering smart networks and analytics, and WaterSmart’s market-leading consumer engagement technology, giving Master Meter’s customers access to a comprehensive solution.

As part of the partnership, Master Meter will be reselling the WaterSmart platform while helping inform new capabilities that allow for improved analytics, enhanced customer self-service, and real-time data intelligence. AMI reduces data collection costs and offers real-time leak detection and other alerts to consumers. WaterSmart helps provide a seamless transition from manual to AMI meter data through an integrated suite of data presentment and analytic tools.

“WaterSmart Software’s consumer engagement platform builds on the strengths of Master Meter’s portfolio of water measurement technology and analytics, providing our customers with additional options for how meter data can provide greater operational intelligence and end-user engagement,” said Ian MacLeod, Master Meter VP Marketing. “Our utility customers will greatly benefit from WaterSmart’s expertise in enhancing consumer engagement and deriving more value from data collected throughout the distribution network. We are proud to continue growing our partner ecosystem with superb companies like WaterSmart.”

“We are excited to collaborate with one of the leading digital water meter providers in the world as we work to help utilities and their customers improve operational efficiency and engage customers with their water use. Using our advanced technology solutions, water utilities are able to better educate their consumers about how much water their household is using and send automated alerts to customers to help them save water and money,” said Erik Andersen, WaterSmart Software SVP of Sales. “Our collaboration will provide new opportunities for Master Meter’s current and future customers.”

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