i2O launches event management software for water utilities

U.K.-based smart water solutions company  i2O has announced the addition of eNet to its suite of smart network solutions.

eNet extends i2O’s ability to help utilities deal with the challenges of increasing and urbanizing population, more extreme weather events, aging network infrastructure, aging workforce, customers becoming more demanding, and difficulty in increasing revenue or accessing capital.

eNet is an incident management system tailored to the needs of water utilities. It can be used for bursts, sewer overflows, water quality events, security breaches, and health and safety incidents. eNet:

  • Helps ensure all appropriate actions are taken and none are duplicated;
  • Records actions and rationale – an irrefutable audit trail;
  • Enables decisions to be made in possession of all available information;
  • Enables people to track progress either by logging in, or by having it pushed to them by email/SMS; and
  • Makes information available on all types of devices in all locations – office, field, home; making decision making possible from any location.

Other benefits include:

  • Less water is lost, less pollution occurs
  • Customer satisfaction is maximised
  • Penalties are minimised
  • Reputation is protected

eNet is powered by Badger Software’s CLIO product. Badger Software is a leading U.K. supplier of Critical Incident Management software. Originally developed to help police forces manage spontaneous incidents and civil emergencies as well as covert operations, Badger’s client list now includes manufacturers, retailers and other government departments. The system is tried and tested, robust and easy to use.

eNet will in due course be more closely integrated with i2O’s suite of smart network solutions:

  • iNet, the network monitoring and analytics solution, which can identify events
  • oNet, the advanced pressure management solution, which can enable remote control and automatic optimisation of pressure in the network

“Our clients want cost-effective ways to quickly identify, diagnose and resolve incidents that affect their ability to supply water to their customers, and to learn lessons from these events,” said Joel Hagan, i2O CEO. “eNet ensures that relevant information is easy to access. It keeps everyone up-to-date in every location with every action undertaken, decision made, and the rationale for each decision; and enables post-event review to be undertaken efficiently.”

i2O provides a suite of smart network solutions to help water utilities respond to the challenges created by an increasing and urbanising population, more extreme weather events, ageing infrastructure, more demanding customers and constraints on expenditure. More than 100 utilities in over 35 countries around the world have installed i2O solutions since the company was founded in 2005; reducing leaks, bursts, energy and operating costs, extending asset life, improving customer service, and achieving return on investment within 12 months.

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