Geospatial Holdings, Inc. Announces Alliance with Infrastructure Technologies

Geospatial Holdings, Inc. and Infrastructure Technologies have entered into a strategic alliance to jointly market Geospatial Corporation?s three-dimensional (3D) digital pipeline mapping technologies and I.T.?s infrastructure inspection software and services.

Combining the companies? technologies will enable municipalities and other government agencies, engineers, and pipeline and utility owners/operators to accurately map and manage their 3D underground pipeline data while providing the ability to coordinate and schedule inspections, operations and maintenance planning, and rehabilitation activities with full assessment capability.

?The combination of our technologies will revolutionize pipeline mapping processes for clients and take asset management to the next level with fully accurate XYZ

Coordinates,? said Al Rossmeisl, CFO for Infrastructure Technologies. ?Geospatial?s Smart Probe data collection can be performed simultaneously with cleaning and TV maintenance inspections. For existing pipe or new construction, these combined technologies provide a previously unavailable level of proof and validation for as-built drawings, confirming pipe locations within their easements, and providing accurate mapping of meander and inclination grades.?

Geospatial and Infrastructure Technologies will integrate the services of acquiring exact spatial data coordinates for asset management to aid in budgetary planning, inspection and implementation of infrastructure operations and maintenance programs.



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