FATHOM Launches Online Marketplace for Water Utilities

FATHOM Water Management, Inc. (FATHOM), the largest software-as-a-service provider for water utilities, today announced the launch of the FATHOM Store, an online marketplace designed to enable simple, fast and risk-free adoption of new technologies for water utilities. The FATHOM Store bridges the gap between technology providers and water utilities to accelerate adoption of advanced software and hardware as utilities increasingly look to cloud-based technologies to streamline operations and recover much-needed revenue.

“There are more than 56,000 water systems across the United States alone, and each is being asked to deliver more with less,” said Trevor Hill, CEO of FATHOM. “The adoption of the technology that we as water utilities need is often hindered by complex integrations, difficultly in articulating the value propositions or the perceived risk and costs associated with trying new technologies. The FATHOM Store provides a new channel for technology to reach water utilities and creates a win-win environment for technology companies and utilities alike.”

FATHOM provides for the aggregation of smart water data and the necessary data repositories and API’s to accelerate the adoption of the water Internet of Things (IoT).

“FATHOM is the Apple of the water industry: it now lets other tech companies use its platform to do smart things with water meter data,” said Piers Clark, chairman of Isle Group and former commercial director at Thames Water. “This is a truly radical move and will provide a breakthrough in the rate at which smart technologies are launched and greatly increase their chances of success.”

Technology companies are invited to submit innovative products for consideration in the FATHOM Store. With the FATHOM Store, technology providers have an open channel to market and can access a business model that accelerates the return on their investment. Current technology partners featured in the FATHOM Store include Black & Veatch and American Water Resources.

“The FATHOM Store is a necessary part of bridging the gap between utilities and technology providers,” said Cindy Wallis-Lage president, global water management at Black & Veatch. “The water sector is looking for the tools and technology to do more with less. Through a marketplace for the seamless acquisition and integration of big data and the Internet of Things into utility systems, we can deploy these technologies faster and at lower cost.”

The FATHOM Store is now live and operating at https://store.gwfathom.com. This initial launch features more than thirty four products available for purchase, with a host of new partnerships set to come online throughout the coming months.

FATHOM is a software-as-a-service company helping water utilities do more with declining resources. FATHOM develops solutions that increase revenue, decrease costs and delights customers. Water utilities trying to simplify the adoption of technology can use the FATHOM Store as a marketplace to acquire and access new technology. FATHOM was built by a water utility, for water utilities and delivers a risk-free solution to more than 160 community water systems across the United States. There is strength in numbers. To learn more, visit www.gwfathom.com.

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