Consolidated Utility District, Itron announce new AMI contract

Consolidated Utility District (CUD) and Itron Inc. have announced a new contract that will deploy Itron’s Temetra meter data collection solution, in conjunction with its fixed network solution, to upgrade the utility’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and provide active water leak detection and consumer portals.

Temetra is a mobile meter data collection solution from Itron. Through a web-based interface and GIS-based mapping functionality, it provides utilities wasy to optimize operations and cost-effectively access and modify metering route assignments anywhere through a simple web login. With full Temetra Mobile integration, Temetra provides utilities with a complete, cutting-edge meter data collection package. 

Itron says CUD will be better equipped to improve operational efficiency and customer service to its more than 160,000 customers across Rutherford County in central Tennessee. CUD plans to initiate the project in Q1 2022 and expects to have the system live this summer. 

Utilizing Temetra, CUD will automate meter reading collection across its water distribution system and provide a seamless billing experience for their customers. The utility will improve billing accuracy and better visualize the interval data collected from meters, which will allow CUD to easily identify leaks and quickly address issues sooner. These advanced data collection capabilities will help conserve water and improve operational costs and efficiencies.  

“CUD is one of the fastest-growing utility districts in Tennessee with more than 65,000 accounts throughout our service territory,” said Bryant Bradley, director of operations at CUD. “Itron’s solution will allow us to upgrade our existing water meters, which currently communicate with one-way automated meter reading modules. The upgrades will also equip CUD to improve customer service, protect revenue and better manage water resources with detailed usage information from the overall distribution system, including future leak sensors, shut off valves and network capabilities.” 

“Itron looks forward to working with CUD to provide the insights and technology it needs to enhance operational efficiency and deliver reliable water service to customers. With our industry-leading cloud services, CUD will be able to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction,” said Don Reeves, senior vice president of Outcomes at Itron. “As water utilities look to conserve water resources, Itron is committed to building out water operations management outcomes services, such as leak detection, to address a broader set of use cases on top of meter data collection.”  

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