Cleveland Water Alliance launches ‘Erie Hack,’ as part of Innovation Summit

Following the implementation of an AMI solution, the City of Cleveland, Ohio, has also been able to proactively identify potential customer-side leaks and, in turn, notify its customers. This has benefitted both the utility and the end customer.

Erie Hack has launched!

The Cleveland Water Alliance is recruiting coders, engineers, data junkies and water experts interested in tackling some of Lake Erie’s biggest challenges and sharing in $100,000 in prizes as part of a hackathon-style program called Erie Hack. The program ends on May 2 and 3 with a two-day Water Innovation Summit in Cleveland and serves as a launch pad for the water innovation ecosystem in the Great Lakes region.

Check out these four simple strategies to get registered on a team

1. Register as an individual on and find interesting Teams
2. Create your own team and fill it out by recruiting Individuals
3. Attend local Erie Hack events to meet teammates and mentors
4. Reach out to your local Erie Hack Organizers for support

While developing your project, remember:

  • Your team doesn’t need to know exactly what it’s doing right away; it can refine its goals as it grows!
  • Focus on identifying the challenge that means the most to your team and letting that challenge guide your solution.
  • If your team doesn’t have the expertise to answer a question, look to mentors, organizers, and data for advice.

Note: All teams must be registered by March 26 to be eligible for the $100,000 of prizes to be awarded at the end of the competition but individuals can continue to join existing teams through April 12.

Read about it in Crain’s Cleveland Business: Erie Hack asks hackers, water experts to solve Lake Erie’s biggest problems! Follow the event on twitter @eriehack.

CWA announces new partnerships

The Cleveland Water Alliance is pleased to announce its new collaboration with NASA’s Glenn Research Center, a the first in the nation Water Innovation “NASA Space Act Agreement.” The collaboration is an effort to spark economic growth by creating, contributing to, catalyzing and supporting economic and innovative ecosystems across the country. Contact us to find out more.

In technology transfer news, Cleveland Water Alliance cluster member SageGuard Solutions buys NASA Glenn technology called ‘future of water purification.’ Click here to read more.

In biomimicry based water innovation news, we are pleased to announce, in partnership with Ohio Department of Natural Resource’s Office of Coastal Management, the addition of a second, multiple year Ph.D. research Fellow to work on 1) preparation of design guidelines, protocols, and policy frameworks for integrating the biomimicry process into stormwater management, green infrastructure, and shoreline stabilization/habitat enhancement; and; 2) when and where appropriate to scale up potential policy implementation and market-place solutions.

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