City of Monroe, Wash., partners with Sensus to upgrade metering

Nestled in the shadow of the Cascade Mountain range, the City of Monroe, Wash., is a small community growing at a rapid pace. And with new growth comes the need for new infrastructure to support it. That’s why the City of Monroe Public Works Department is using smart water technology from Sensus, a Xylem brand, to update its infrastructure, reduce leaks and change the conversation with its customers.

Recognizing an opportunity to improve its ability to detect water leaks, the department recently began an upgrade of its existing system to one that would simplify the tedious process of detecting and resolving them. Using Sensus technology, technicians now have access to real-time data that enables them to detect the source in mere seconds.

“We’ve already begun using the Sensus leak detection capabilities, and the results have been amazing,” said Jakeh Roberts, operations and maintenance manager, City of Monroe. “Reducing the time it takes for our technicians to identify leaks enables us to apply their time to other important projects. We can see where the water is going in a way that wasn’t available before, with the potential for significant cost savings.”sensus

The City of Monroe’s smart water system is comprised of Sensus OMNI and iPERL water meters as well as the FlexNet communication system and Sensus Analytics, all managed by Sensus Software as a Service (SaaS).

“Among other things, the Sensus system enables our customer service staff to see real-time usage so they can explain leaks to customers instead of having to guess at the source,” said Roberts. “Functionally, it makes for a completely different conversation.”

With 75 percent of the upgrade now complete, the City of Monroe’s new system has already significantly enhanced its services. More importantly, it positions the city’s water infrastructure to support continued growth and future development.

Sensus_logo“With the local service and response time provided by Sensus distributor Ferguson, we deployed a solution that immediately benefited our technicians and our customers,” said Roberts. “The Sensus solution now serves as the backbone of our water infrastructure, allowing us to capitalize on our city’s growth and deliver better customer service across the community both now and in the future.”

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