California water district awards AMI contract to Mueller

The Calaveras County Water District in California has selected Mueller Systems to deploy an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network covering 1,000 sq-miles with 13,000 AMI endpoints. The project will replace the majority of the District’s meters and add communication capabilities to all meters.

“We recognized some time ago that AMI can play a critical role in helping the District meet its goals to improve customer experience, optimize water use and remain cost-conscious,” said Damon Wyckoff, Director of Operations for Calaveras County Water District.  “The Mi.Net AMI solution provides us with a cost-effective path forward to meet these goals and enhance customer service by providing our customers with a near real-time window into their water use.”

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Calaveras County Water District provides water service to over 13,000 municipal, residential and commercial customers in six service areas throughout the County.

The project will provide new state-of-the-art metering technology to the area, allowing Calaveras County to capture hourly meter readings in near real-time and provide accurate data to the District’s water billing system. The Sentryx software enabled Mi.Net AMI system uses a LoRaenabled radio device that is attached to the newly installed meter and digital register to transmit water usage information over a secure network. The Sentryx water intelligence platform provides analytical data and insights, enabling water utilities to make informed strategic and day-to-day operational decisions. The new endpoints are also capable of identifying potential leaks and allowing customers to view their water usage, better manage consumption and conserve water.

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“Calaveras County Water District joins multiple water industry leaders that are implementing smart city initiatives,” said Chad Mize, Mueller Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Enabling water utilities with smart technologies and data that helps build resiliency and reduce non-revenue water loss allows our customers to proactively maintain aging infrastructure, minimize water loss, improve customer service and promote safer water quality.”

The deployment is scheduled to begin in early Spring 2021 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

Click here for more information on the Mi.Net AMI System.

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