WSSC approves nearly $150 million in infrastructure repairs

WSSCCommissioners for the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission recently approved three contracts totaling $149.5 million to repair and replace aging infrastructure and meet future water supply demands for Montgomery and Prince George’s County residents. The largest contract, valued at $135 million, involves paving, roadway and sidewalk restoration throughout both counties, which is necessary following water and sewer main work. The three contracts were unanimously approved by WSSC Commissioners during today’s public meeting.

“It is vital to WSSC’s mission that we repair and replace our aging pipes and install new infrastructure to meet the growing needs of our customers,” said WSSC General Manager and CEO Carla A. Reid. “Equally important to local residents is our ability to quickly restore neighborhood streets and sidewalks following our work. The approval of these three contracts accomplishes these goals.”

The approved contracts include:

Street Repair Services – $135 million

Contract provides paving and restoration services following a water or sewer main replacement or repair. Work includes restoring streets, concrete roadways, driveways, curbs, gutters and sidewalks. The area-wide contract is divided among three paving and restoration contractors.

Large Water Main Construction – $8.5 million

This contract is part of WSSC’s Capital Improvement Program Clinton Zone Improvements project, which includes new tanks and water mains to meet current and future water demand in southern Prince George’s County. The contract is for the third phase of a four-phase project and consists of installing 2.7 miles of large water main along Branch Avenue (MD 5) from Surratts Road to Moores Road. Construction will begin this summer and will last approximately two years, weather permitting.

Water Planning (Architecture/Engineering Services) – $6 million  

This contract supports WSSC’s Planning Group, which ensures adequate capacity of water treatment, distribution and storage systems for current and future customers. The contract provides for project management, inspection, permitting assistance, contract administration and other engineering consulting services.

Each year, WSSC replaces 61 miles of water mains and 20 miles of sewer mains, which equates to between 150 and 200 active construction projects throughout both counties. WSSC recently became the first utility in the country to use zinc-coated, ductile iron water pipes wrapped in a protective coating to help them last at least 100 years.

Customers can reach out to project managers or their customer advocate with project- specific questions. For water or sewer emergencies, call 301-206-4002.

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