WaterStart, KETOS partner to address Las Vegas water challenges

Through WaterStart and in partnership with the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) and Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD), water intelligence innovator KETOS, Inc. has launched pilot testing of an advanced water monitoring solution, KETOS Shield Fabric, to proactively test and monitor for potential contaminants and help ensure the quality and safety of drinking water supplies.

“We are thrilled to partner with KETOS to address critical water challenges facing water utilities throughout the world,” said WaterStart Executive Director Nathan Allen. “KETOS is providing cutting-edge solutions to Southern Nevada Water Authority for pilot testing that will help safeguard the quality of water for municipal water customers.”

Part of the first fully comprehensive smart water management platform, KETOS Shield Fabric delivers actionable water quality insights and early warnings with predictive intelligence through real-time and on-demand monitoring of more than 20 water quality parameters. An innovative water management solution, KETOS Shield Fabric offers an advanced warning system to flag an extensive list of contaminants and heavy-metal compounds to ensure water quality and safety. Within a single, automated system, KETOS provides lab-precision testing data for ionic, environmental and water health parameters on a continuous basis.

“While Southern Nevada maintains excellent water quality that meets or surpasses State and Federal standards for safe drinking water, we recognize the value of improved water quality and monitoring for all water utilities,” said SNWA General Manager John Entsminger. “Pilot testing the KETOS technology through WaterStart allows us to verify the functionality and effectiveness of this innovative technology in a research-controlled environment before it is deployed within municipal water treatment and distribution systems.”

For the initial pilot, SNWA will test the KETOS Shield Fabric at the regional water utility’s pilot treatment plant to verify the technology’s effectiveness at monitoring up to 20 water quality parameters. Looking beyond existing water regulations to proactively improve water quality, the SNWA’s Research and Development team has developed patented technology and processes for water treatment and water quality testing, earning an international reputation for leading-edge water quality research that has been applied throughout the water industry.

The deployment of KETOS is expected to drastically reduce testing costs by significantly dropping the requirement of the number of grab samples needed for this type of testing. The pilot test should also yield valuable operational intelligence for the water industry to rapidly address and mitigate any changes in the quality of water supplies.

“KETOS is helping utilities and municipalities improve water safety management, have smart grid capabilities through location-mapping, take action in real-time to reduce costs with advanced diagnostics, optimize on process control and ensure water quality,” said KETOS CEO Meena Sankaran. “Thanks to this initiative, Las Vegas operators will be empowered to know exactly what’s in its water at any point in time.”

Additional KETOS solutions may be implemented in the future based on the results of this initial implementation.


KETOS provides the tools and insights needed to optimize water usage, ensure resource efficiency and provide water safety assurance – all via affordable and accessible tools. Its patented hardware and interactive, enterprise-grade software platform provides predictive and actionable metrics through data analytics – delivering water intelligence for smart irrigation, industries and cities. Learn more at ketos.co.

About WaterStart

WaterStart is a globally-recognized cluster of innovative management agencies and large consumers of water. Dedicated to accelerating the adoption of innovative water technologies, WaterStart focuses on specific member priorities and co-funding the deployment solutions. For additional information, please visit waterstart.com.

About SNWA

The SNWA is a regional entity that manages water conservation, water quality and water resource issues for Southern Nevada. Its members include: the Big Bend Water District (Laughlin); the cities of Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas and North Las Vegas; the Clark County Water Reclamation District; and the Las Vegas Valley Water District.

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