WATERiD has announced the establishment of its Industry Advisory Board, which is comprised of the Founding Gold Members from the industry: Applied Felts; Arcadis; Echologics; and Reline America. The board also includes WATERiD?s Founding Member Utilities: the Town of Blacksburg, Virginia; the City of Lynchburg, Virginia; and Aurora Water, Colo.

These organizations have teamed up with the Sustainable Water Infrastructure Management Center (SWIM) at Virginia Tech to examine best industry practices in water pipeline asset management and to disseminate the information worldwide via the WATERiD website. WATERiD has been deemed the de facto database to provide a ?one-stop-shop? for utilities researching the application and cost of technologies or products to apply to a specific project or to approve for use within their municipality.

For more information, visit waterid.org.

WERF Publishes First WATERiD Synthesis Report

The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) has now published the first of the WATERiD Synthesis Reports: Condition Assessment for Wastewater Pipelines.

This report was the result of extensive industry collaboration and provides a synthesis of utility practices on wastewater pipe condition assessment through literature reviews and direct data mining from utilities participating in the project. The information was compiled and compared to find discrepancies, trends, gaps and utility needs to direct further research and work. A standard data structure was developed and is presented in this report to collect standardized information about wastewater pipe condition assessment projects. The benefits of collecting this data are described in detail.

This is the first of several synthesis reports that cover Pipeline Renewal Engineering, Utility Benchmarking and Management Practices, Subsurface Utility Engineering and Product Qualification. These documents will be available through the WERF and the WATERiD websites.

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