Washington water system honored with Smart City award

Martin Pickett, president of Cla-Val (left), presents the award to Adrian Sutor, Walla Walla Water Distribution Supervisor.

The Cla-Val Company has presented the City of Walla Walla, Washington, with a Smart City Award in recognition of the city’s rapid adoption of new technology, bringing all valves online with a novel approach to streaming valve data into SCADA via its AMI system.

Walla Walla’s water distribution system has more than 25 Cla-Val valves, according to the company. By bringing these valves online, the city now has live flow, pressure and valve position data to make informed decisions quickly, without going into the field. With the addition of the Cla-Val XP2F Smart Solution, the city used its existing infrastructure to bring all the valves online through the Sensus advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) already in place.

“The City of Walla Walla chose smartly by integrating one simple component into its existing infrastructure giving them a long-term cost-effective solution, and proving that with out-of-the-box thinking water utilities can become smart cities quicker than you think,” said Cla-Val Regional Manager Jake Corzine.

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