Wachs Water Services Forms Pipeline Division

Wachs Water Services announced that it has formed a new division that will offer assessment services for pipeline systems. Building on its success in providing valve assessment to municipalities and utilities throughout North America, Wachs Water Services is in negotiations with companies to provide new trenchless solutions.

?Traditionally Wachs Water Services has provided assessment and maintenance programs for in line valves.? Knowing the location and operability of each valve, hydrant and meter in a system, municipalities and utilities can manage their critical moving parts effectively and comprehensively? said Cliff Wilson, President of Wachs Water Services. ?By expanding our services to include pipelines, Wachs will be unique, and will have the most comprehensive range of infrastructure services in the industry.?

Wachs? experience in managing assets will ensure a seamless and efficient service to clients, reducing costs and providing a more comprehensive service. Until now, current pipeline services companies have been limited in their abilities to manage the valves and control points in a pipeline.

Wachs Water Services plans to announce new service and partnership arrangements as part of their pipeline solution set.

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